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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

​Student Policies

Each student is responsible for being familiar with all student rights, responsibilities, and all campus-wide College Policies. All policies are available on the College Web site.

The College makes every effort to provide policy, rule and guideline information to all students, faculty and staff in multiple formats. Students bear the primary responsibility for informing themselves and taking the appropriate actions for meeting all college requirements and accessing the appropriate Services for Students available.

Statement of Student Responsibilities

Students at Saint Paul College, as members of the College community, in addition to the basic constitutional rights enjoyed by all citizens, have specific rights related to academic freedom and their status as students. The rights are described in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Students are expected to exercise their freedom with responsibility. Student responsibilities include, but are not limited to, respecting and valuing the rights and differences of all members of the College community; refraining from any and all proscribed behaviors as listed in the Proscribed Conduct policies; refraining from performing acts of violence or harassment against any member of the College community; and abiding by all College policies and procedures.

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