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​​Emergency Procedures

Tornado Emergencies
If the weather bureau issues a tornado warning for an area that includes Saint Paul College, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. When the tornado alarm is sounded, the PA system will be used to initiate building “take cover” procedures. Shut off all shop equipment and proceed to any of the designated shelter areas. Designated shelter areas are:
    • Classrooms without windows on second, third, and fourth floors
    • Ground floor classrooms and labs, move to smaller interior rooms
    • Customized Training building, move to the basement.
  2. All students should remain in the designated shelter areas until the “all clear” signal is given.

Evacuation Procedures for Emergency Conditions
If the building must be evacuated under emergency conditions, the major concern is for student safety and that of all other persons in the College. This requires that movement within or out of the building be orderly and rapid.

An Emergency Procedures manual should be posted within each classroom. Instructors will use the information in this manual to inform students of the evacuation route. During an emergency evacuation, students should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All students, visitors, faculty, and other employees will leave the building by established routes or go to pre-assigned emergency stations immediately after the alarm is sounded.
  2. Walk at all times. Do not run.
  3. If you are the first person to arrive at an Exit Door, latch the door open or hold it open.
  4. If you are the last person to leave a room, close but do not lock the door.
  5. After leaving the building, stay at least 100 feet away.

Fire Alarms
When you hear an alarm, it is NOT a drill. Follow all evacuation procedures as if a true emergency exists. Remain outside the building until the all clear signal is given.

Procedure for Non-Ambulatory Persons
During an evacuation, the elevator will not be operable. Wheelchair-bound students and staff should proceed to the stairwells (front or south side of the building) on their floors and wait for the Fire Department to assist them out of the building.​

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