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​​Biology Courses​


The Biology department provides high quality educational experiences in the biological sciences including: environmental science, general biology for majors and non-majors, microbiology, nutrition, medical terminology, introduction to forensic science, biology of men and women, and human anatomy and physiology for majors and non-majors.

The faculty believe biology occupies a central position in the physical sciences and that an understanding of fundamental bio​​logical principles enables students to make better-informed decisions for work and life roles. The Biology faculty promote active learning in lecture and lab activities interacting closely with students at various levels of academic development.

Biology courses serve the College and students by providing offerings that satisfy requirements for general education, allied health and pre-professional transfer programs. Biology faculty are committed to excellence in teaching and scholarship offering traditional and online courses and providing a variety of lab/field experiences and online applications. 

For more information on the Associate of Arts degree, the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and the Biology Associate in Arts Degree:

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