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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Classes Start Mid-January
Yoga Instructor

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training classes start on January 13, sign up now -- be a yoga teacher by mid-May!

The Yoga Teacher Training program at Saint Paul College offers comprehensive preparation for teaching all physical and philosophical elements of yoga. By focusing on the practical art of guiding any size group through yoga and meditation, this program will prepare you to teach immediately following graduation. Additionally, you will undergo a transformational process as you begin to incorporate all aspects of yoga into your daily life. Classes start Jan 13, 2020. Space is limited. Register today!

Questions? Contact Instructor Maria Toso for additional details.

Class Schedule:
  • Mondays 6-8pm: Yoga History and Philosophy (Jan 13-May 11, 2020) - HLTH 1541 - 3 credits)
  • Tuesdays 6-9pm: Yoga Asanas (Jan 14- March 10, 2020) 8 weeks - HLTH1454 - 3 credits)
  • Tuesdays 6-9pm: Yoga Asanas and Teaching Methodology (March 24-May 11) (8 weeks - HLTH1459 - 3 credits)
  • Thursdays 7-9pm: Meditation and Relaxation (Jan 16-May 7, 2020) 16 weeks - HLTH 1458 - 3 credits)
  • Students must also take a minimum of one yoga class of their choosing per week throughout the program

The Yoga Teacher Training Program at Saint Paul College has produced an outstanding community of distinguished alumni.

Check out what they had to say about the program:

“The best thing I have learned from this class is to be more compassionate towards others and realize that words actions and even energy can impact those around me and cause a certain type of violence. I never realized that even the energy I give off towards others or direct towards others can have such an impact on them. I can now take a moment and breathe and take factors into consideration before being judgmental or violent with my thoughts. I can definitely say that this has made me a little better as a person and has taught me to process things better than to take things head on.”
– Eveli Constanza

"The Yoga Teacher Training program at Saint Paul College offered me true education that nurtured me to my next level of human development. The program went beyond rhetoric and rote memory. What I received was education at its very best: an introspective, therapeutic, and empowering experience. I am equipped for real-world success with valuable and marketable skills, while I have also grown tremendously on a personal level."
– Amanda Ubongen

For me personally the Yoga Teacher Training Program has transformed, changed, and have helped me grow exponentially in a very short period. I have not been this happy for a very, very long time. Thank you so very much! So very grateful!
– Geneah Escobar

The most pivotal thing that I discovered about myself during Yoga Teacher Training has been my samskara or wound of being left out and exiled. It never occurred to me before that the underlying issue of a lot of my behavioral patterns were because I feared being left out. This was a huge breakthrough! Daily, I can trace back an emotion or reaction to this fear. It's like a veil has been lifted and now I have somewhere to start.
– Sara Laske

This yoga philosophy class feels to me like it has tied together that which I have been seeking. My greatest learnings are the understanding of how to work with emotional/mental disturbances or kleshas and how imprints or samskara influences my being. Pausing and mindfulness has allowed me to more deeply explore both kleshas and samskara, but yogic philosophy has connected this path of being to one of insight and peace or purusa. I now understand that the yamas and niyamas are merely guidelines to help quiet the mind/body/emotions/thinking because when applying these guidelines. When you have a clear mind/body/emotions/thinking, you can actually pause, and be. While being you can more deeply inquire into kleshas and samskara and heal finding that inner purity. I have discovered a lot about my being already but have a lot more to be with. For me, yoga is a path toward selfrealization, one I am grateful to have discovered through the teacher training program. Thank you, Maria, for putting together this program, the curriculum and your experiential way of teaching, this is what helped me see the path.
– Laura Saher

I cannot say enough good things about Maria Toso. She had us up in front of the class on our very first day and every day going forward, and truly prepared us for being in front of people and teaching a class. Our final was teaching a one-hour public class, so we have experience going forward of teaching people in a class setting other than our classmates. She helped me experience and understand yoga on a very deep level, and left me with no doubt I was on the correct path. I feel she taught me not only how to be a good teacher, but also to be a better person in my own life. As long as Maria remains in charge, I would highly recommend her teacher training at SPC to anyone looking to complete a sound, fulfilling training.
– Jenna Staloch

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