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UofM Mentoring Program Enhances Student Readiness for Success

Photo of UofM and SPC students 

The Associate Campus Mentorship Program is a partnership between Saint Paul College and the University of Minnesota Humphrey Fellowship Program that promotes cultural and professional exchange between fellows and students. This year, the partnership included a mentorship program and service-learning project. This partnership allowed students to build relationships and expand their networks with established professionals from across the globe. Ten Saint Paul College students entered this Spring 2021 program, and the results were remarkable. ​

The program used an asset-based approach, which empowered students to share their lived experiences and perspectives with Fellows while gaining practical professional guidance, and intercultural fluency in return. Additionally, through the service-learning project, students and mentors could deepen their connection by sharing a meaningful experience. Students offered the following comments on how this program helped them grow in their personal and professional life:

I gained much practical advice, encouragement, and support from a trusted professional.
I developed my confidence in social, academic, and professional qualities that I needed to improve my chances for success.​
I was able to make and achieve life-changing goals, including finding internships and vastly improving my time management skills.
I learned how to overcome my weaknesses through important confidence-building steps.

Bringing value to students through classroom and external support programs like this is a hallmark at Saint Paul College. Students completing this program received a $150 stipend, along with an invaluable cultural exchange. The College is looking forward to serving as an Associate Campus to the incoming 2021-2022 UofM Humphrey cohort to continue this program in Fall 2021.

For more information on this invaluable program, contact Xiong Chang or visit UMN Humphrey Fellowship.

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