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Success Earned with a Second Chance
Micah Coatie

Micah Coatie feared going to school during the Pandemic. He had tried before but failed and failed miserably in his first year in college. He could not navigate online stuff and believed it just wasn’t meant to be. That was until he was given a second chance through the Power of YOU Program when he concluded that he wanted something more in life and needed to invest in himself to succeed.

The road to a second chance began for Micah as he wrote a letter asking the college for a second chance to overcome the school suspension he was facing due to a meager 0.44 Grade Point Average. He shared how he was now in the right frame of mind and space to improve things. Following his acceptance back into school, he made it a point to find great mentors and peers who would help him succeed. And succeed he did, as he worked hard and earned a new Grade Point Average of 3.0 while earning an Accounting AA degree.

Since returning to school, Micah procured a legislative internship with Minnesota Capitol Pathways, a non-profit organization committed to overcoming homelessness for the BIPOC community. In partnership with MN Housing Partnership, Micah worked at a homeless shelter and gained an appreciation for the struggles of some and wanted to fight for people who most desperately need it. With a renewed passion for helping others, Micah shares:

Saint Paul College gave me a 2nd chance, not just for me, but also for others in my circle. They are willing to allow all of us to learn in a very forgiving space. What a great school!
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