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Student Q&A - Sudi Ahmed

Student Q & A Sudi Ahmed

Sudi Ahmed
Power of YOU student

“The Power of YOU staff are all amazing and friendly. They do their best in making sure every student feels welcomed. I’m very grateful that Saint Paul College has such a program. ”

"My older sister graduated from Saint Paul College and she always talked about how much she loved the school and how it helped her make decisions for what she wanted to study. My high school counselor told me about the Power of YOU program, I did some research and I liked what I found. I talked to a lot of teachers and different professional people I had worked with in my internships, and students who went to four-year universities. They all recommended that starting at a two-year college is better when you’re a beginner than at a four-year university."

What has been your experience with the Power of YOU?

It has been amazing. I like how you can go to their office anytime if you have any questions about your classes, financial aid awards, and when you need advice.

How has Saint Paul College impacted your life?

Saint Paul College has a big impact because it is where I started my education and career. I’m in the Honors Program, where I’m learning how to study more effectively, and as a result, have better grades in my class. The Power of YOU program has helped me with my tuition, and I had a peer mentor who helped me build my leadership skills.

Why should high school seniors choose this program and college?

This program will help them be a part of the College and have better access to what they need, whether it’s tuition, study sessions, or advice. The school is so diverse, which means you will see people who look like you or dress like you. You can get help from any office you go to, they will try their best to help you and answer all your questions. The school is beautiful, and the location is very convenient for students because the bus stop is right in front of it.

What is your program major? What are your career/educational plans?

My major interests are political science and economics, and my plan is to finish my first two years with an Associate of Arts degree at Saint Paul College and then transfer for my BA. My goal is to work with the United Nations.

This article originally appeared in our College Magazine - Fall 2019. Download a free copy to read more stories like this one.

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