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Saint Paul College Students On Hand for Signing of Executive Order
Photo of Peggy Flanagan, Cecilia Bell, William Hunt, Erin Campbell, and Tim Walz at the signing ceremony

L-R Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, Electrical Technology student Cecilia Bell, CNC Toolmaking student William Hunt, Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Erin Campbell, Governor Tim Walz

On Monday, October 30, Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order opening an estimated 75% of jobs within the state of Minnesota to candidates without a four-year degree.

More than 25,000 jobs previously required a four-year degree but will now be accessible to employees with Associate's Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, or real-world experience.

Saint Paul students were on hand to explain what this order could mean for them.

I did start off going to a four-year degree and really struggled with deciding if that's what I wanted."
Cecilia Bell – Electrical Technology student
Photo of Cecilia Bell speaking at a podium  
Photo of William Hunt speaking at a podium   

Cecilia Bell is in the second year of her program and will graduate next year. This order removes the requirement for more than 25,000 jobs, including many in the Minnesota State system.

I can't do something like a four-year college, so this entire experience has been wonderful."
William Hunt—CNC Toolmaking student

While a four-year degree can still be considered as part of a candidate's experience, this order removes barriers to entry for many job seekers and places an even greater value on the training you can receive at Saint Paul College.

Photo of Austin Calhoun, Cecilia Bell, Dee Dee Peaslee, William Hunt, Greg Rathert and VA Barber at the capitol 

L-R Vice President of Advancement and Communications Austin Calhoun, Cecilia Bell, President Dee Dee Peaslee, William Hunt, Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Greg Rathert, Dean of Trades & Technical Education V.A. Barber

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