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SSG Moo Returns to Campus while Serving his Country

Photo of SSG Hsarlawde Moo at Saint Paul CollegeHsarlawde Moo and his family were taken from a Thailand refuge camp by the United Nations and brought to America in 2013. With a significant presence of Karen families, the Moo family settled in Saint Paul. He attended Harden High School until 2016 when he enrolled at Saint Paul College to study English as a Secondary Language (ESL). Proud of his grandfather, who served as a British soldier in WWII, Mr. Moo had a strong desire to serve in the military. Still, his ability to enter the service was not possible due to his limited language skills.

Determined to serve in the US military, Mr. Moo diligently studied math and English to pass the ASVAB test (military entrance exam). He worked hard with instructors and student peers after school to prepare for this exam. ​After much dedication, Hsarlawde passed his military exam in 2017, and he enrolled in the US military that year. In addition, he also got married and had a daughter.

Earning numerous promotions through the enlisted ranks, Mr. Moo advanced to Staff SergeantPhoto of SSG Hsarlawde Moo (SSG) and now serves as a Recruiter for the Minnesota National Guard’s Recruiting & Retention Battalion in Saint Paul. In this service, he returns to Saint Paul College one day every other week to inform students of the benefits available in the Army National Guard. Enjoying the diverse culture at the college, he is thrilled to return to this particular campus and share how the military can help students offset college costs. As a “dual-recruiter,” he also supports two Humboldt HS students to assess how Saint Paul College can benefit their future. SSG Moo is also returning to Saint Paul College to continue his studies in either Law Enforcement or Mechanics this upcoming Fall with dreams of becoming a Warrant Officer pilot in the National Guards.

With a promising future ahead of him, SSG Moo appreciates the incredible staff and teachers who have helped him through his journey into American citizenship and military service. Hats off to SSG Moo and his service to this nation and the youth at Saint Paul College through his recruiting service offered every other Wednesday afternoon in the cafeteria.

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