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Nyleve Eiram - a Rising Phoenix

photo of Nyleve Eiram at Graduation
Overcoming obstacles is difficult. Adversities can set us back, but learning how to overcome challenges in our life makes us better, a rising phoenix. If you are looking for a model student who has overcome much, look no further than the inspirational story of Nyleve Eiram – a survivor of brain cancer – and someone who truly thrives in overcoming any obstacles in her path!

After being told by her birth mother that "she would never make it," Nyleve took on this challenge by living with a motto of "I can do it" about any obstacles that would come her way. Book Cover: How I Survived A Brain TumorGrowing up with multiple disabilities, an additional challenge of a brain cancer diagnosis gave her more fuel to overcome the odds with uncanny persistence and a steadfast belief that her purpose in life was to encourage and inspire others to be their best. In addition to "I can do it," she added, "If I can beat a brain tumor, what makes you think I'm going to let life beat me?" to her belief system.

With a desire to overcome these obstacles, Nyleve received her AA degree in Communications from Saint Paul College to transfer into the University of Minnesota Communications program. She plans on studying Communications with an emphasis on Journalism, Mass Communications, and Public Speaking and eventually wants to pursue a Doctorate in the field.Photo of Nyleve Eiram at University of Minnesota In addition to these ambitious goals, Nyleve has found the time to write three books: "How I Survived A Brain Tumor" and two volumes of poetry. In addition to receiving tremendous support and encouragement from many at Saint Paul College, Jamela Pettiford, Founder of Power of Purpose, serves as her mentor.

A Rising Phoenix is a symbolic rebirth that gives hope, renewal, and progress. Nyleve Eiram is the face of a rising phoenix and an inspiration to many!

An inspiration to others, The Saint Paul College Foundation was honored to have Nyleve share her story at their Annual Gala. 



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