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Saint Paul College Announces Mascot Finalists

We are thrilled to announce that our search for a new mascot has reached its exciting final stage! After months of active participation, feedback, and discussion from our vibrant community, the Mascot Development Working Group has narrowed the list to four finalists. These symbols encapsulate the mission, vision, and values of Saint Paul College, representing our collective spirit and energy.

The four finalists are the Comets, Hawks, Fireflies, and Foxes.

Each finalist brings a unique energy that resonates with our mission, vision, and values. I cannot wait until the new mascot will soar (or swoop, flicker, or pounce) alongside our vibrant campus community in late spring. -Austin Calhoun, Vice President for Advancement and Communications.

Now it's your turn to help us decide! We invite all of you—students, faculty, staff, alums, and friends—to cast your votes. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to participate in this exciting chapter of our college's story. This will be the first known mascot in Saint Paul College’s 114-year history.

Remember, our mascot is not just a figure; it embodies our spirit, values, and shared identity.


Voting Closes: 2/29/24

Hawks Fireflies comets foxes  
Meet the Finalists:
  • COMETS: Representing cosmic trailblazers, the Comets embody progress and empowerment. Advocating for forward movement, they align with Saint Paul College's commitment to guiding students toward purposeful lives and fulfilling careers. The choice of Comets resonates with a sense of community collaboration, reflecting a bright and promising future for all.
  • HAWKS: With their keen vision and soaring nature, Hawks symbolize ambition and growth at Saint Paul College. Representing excellence and determination, Hawks embody the pursuit of one's highest potential. Choosing Hawks as the mascot underscores the college's dedication to fostering a community where all members can thrive and succeed.
  • FIREFLIES: Diverse and luminous, Fireflies bring a unique glow to the night. Signifying inclusivity, diversity, and the interconnectedness of the community, Fireflies encapsulate the college's commitment to collaboration, partnerships, and contributing value to the community. They stand as a symbol of unity and shared purpose.
  • FOXES: Known for adaptability and intelligence, Foxes represent resilience and resourcefulness. Reflecting Saint Paul College's commitment to preparing students for a dynamically changing world, the Fox symbolizes agility, growth, and social awareness.

Learn more about the development process on the mascot page.

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