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How to Speak Math

Leaders communicate persuasively using the language of math. Even though it can be an abstract, technical language, it helps us talk about the patterns of the world while making declarative statements. It is the language corporations use to make significant decisions and society uses to determine political winners. No matter how you slice it, we connect better when we learn how to "speak math."

Saint Paul College Math Instructor Ben Orlin recently presented at the 48th Annual AMATYC conference on How to Speak Math. This presentation was entertaining and engaging. It warmly received a standing ovation from 800 mathematicians. Beyond delivering inspiring speeches to the math profession and his students, Ben Orlin has also published three books:

  1. Math with Bad Drawings.
  2. Change is the only Constant.
  3. Math Games with Bad Drawings.

Learn more about Ben's books and accolades.

Ben recently joined Saint Paul College as he enjoys teaching students from different backgrounds. Ben received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and psychology from Yale University and has taught mathematics to students of every age on a variety of topics from arithmetic to differential equations and with every level of competence from "Wow, what a fiasco!" to "Hey, that actually went well!"

Students will learn much from this friendly, welcoming, playful teacher. His teaching style helps many students overcome common fears of math classes in their learning.

Ben Orlin effectively incorporates humor, storytelling, and analogies into his message. His ability to relate complex mathematical concepts to everyday life helps to engage students and makes learning more enjoyable. He also encourages students to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

Enyinda Onunwor, Ph.D., Dean of STEM

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