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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Helping Students Succeed through our Student Organizations

​“Start here…go anywhere!" is much more than a slogan at Saint Paul College. It is a way of life for students who aspire to make an impact in their communities. One supportive structure that has helped many Saint Paul College students improve their learning experiences and prepare for their post-college journey is the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Club. ACM operates with the objective of “learning together as we go and pushing each other to do our best." Student support services provided by ACM include:

  • Peer tutoring to help students with computer science and IT classes;
  • Facilitated opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines;
  • Study groups to help students prepare for certification tests;
  • Webinar opportunities to learn about current topics, such as staying safe on social media, using technology responsibly and ethically, and managing digital footprints; and
  • Providing the help and know-how needed to accomplish special computer programming projects beyond the classroom's scope, a beneficial skill for career development. ​

    We interviewed several Saint Paul College students to see what they had to say about ACM. Here is what we hear:
Cullen Hallman

“Meeting other students at ACM has sparked an interest in subjects I would not have been introduced to otherwise. A huge part of being in the ACM club is the sense of community, especially when social interactions can be few and far between. In addition to great support from fellow students, being part of ACM has helped me get closer with my instructors as well, providing me with key connections and references for future jobs."
Cullen Hallman
Saint Paul College Student & ACM President, SPC Chapter

Mathieu Landretti

“The ACM club has helped me build skills that I will need in my future career. The ACM club's collaborative nature has helped strengthen my team leadership skills, public speaking abilities, and ability to foster group cooperation. The club has also taught me the importance of having tangible goals and deadlines when undertaking a project. As I move on to the next stage of my education at the UofM, I will be proud to say that I was a member of the Saint Paul College ACM club!"

Mathieu Landretti
Saint Paul College Student & ACM Member

Alan Thompson

"The learning I have gained at ACM through projects, conversations, and collaboration has been priceless. There is so much more to discover when you collaborate with your peers. I learned so many new, invaluable skills from my peers this past semester through ACM!

Alan Thompson
Saint Paul College Student & ACM Membership Chair

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