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From Student to Serving Students - A Homebound Journey for Malika Henderson

Growing up in Saint Paul, Malika Henderson pursued her passion for accounting by attending nearby Saint Paul College and receiving an Accounting Technician diploma and an AssociatePhoto of Malika Henderson degree in Accounting. She got involved in student activities, including serving as a Student Ambassador and work-study for the Public Safety office. Following her graduation, she accepted an accounting specialist position at the College she loved in 2018.

After three years in the College's accounting department, she considers the campus her second home, where she feels comfortable and appreciated. She especially loves the genuine, authentic friendships she has developed over the years with both co-workers and students. One of her greatest joys in working at the College is being able to help students navigate the financial challenges students face during school. She loves assisting students in finding the essential details to help them understand their financial responsibilities so that they come out feeling good about their educational investment, including minimizing financial surprises through clear, transparent communications.

Malika was thrilled when the College came out with a brochure that helps communicate important financial considerations that students need to be aware of during their educational journey. She added that the new supportive video helps students understand their financial obligations and tremendous opportunities to learn from our school. Malika offered the following thought on the College's commitment to assisting students in focusing on their studies:

"One of the most challenging parts of college for many students is fully understanding their financial obligations and benefits. I am proud to work for a college that proactively works to address this challenge in a way that assures students and allows them to focus on their studies."

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