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Fond Memories Last Over Three Decades

Anatoly Introlegator came to the US from Ukraine in 1990 and enrolled in the Tool & Die Program. He figured he could pursue this education with minimal English-speaking skills. Now, more than three decades later, Anatoly has been employed by the same employer since leaving Saint Paul College and recently reached out to the College to thank his teacher, Mr. Wold. Even though Mr. Wold retired from Saint Paul College in 2017, the Friends of Saint Paul College foundation reconnected these two gentlemen for a warm, heartfelt reconnection, as shared below:

Mr. Wold was an amazing teacher! He was very kind and patient and explained things in ways I could understand with my limited English skills. He helped me find an amazing job where I have served for over 30 years, and I owe much of my success to Mr. Wold and the Saint Paul College community.

Mr. Introlegator now serves as a Senior Machinist for Light & Wonder, a Las Vegas-based company with a machine shop in Eden Prairie. Anatoly enjoys his job, where he can see the results of his handy work. He produces card shufflers for casinos, and every part is made by his own hands. He wants to ensure students know there are many opportunities with machine shops all around the Twin Cities metropolitan area for skilled workers in Tool & Die and CNC machinery prototype of work.

Anatoly shares that it is simply terrible what is happening back in his native country of Ukraine. He escaped in 1989, yet still has many family and friends back there. Unfortunately, he shares that part of the city he grew up in has been destroyed, and he has had difficulty reconnecting with many loved ones. Despite these concerns, Anatoly is grateful for the helping hand Saint Paul College gave him with his new life in America. He thoroughly enjoyed letting those special faculty members know this appreciation, even 30+ years later.

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