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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Debt-Free Science Degree

Like many, Paige Baker was unsure what she wanted to study when she began college in 2019 atPhoto of Paige Baker another school. She then transferred to Saint Paul College and enrolled in the Medical Laboratory Technician program in 2021. Paige continued to explore her options and joined the Science Club. She found her true calling in the Science & Engineering Technology Associate’s Degree program, which she thoroughly enjoys.  Beyond the classroom, this Degree allows Paige to pursue expanded career fields beyond a hospital lab setting, such as serving as a microbiologist in an environmental or forensic lab.

In addition to finding her calling, Paige is excited about graduating later this year debt-free! Paige works on campus in a work-study position at the Simulation Center, allowing her to earn pay while learning new aspects of her career field. In addition, after applying for the Science Scholars program funded by the National Science Foundation, she was delighted to receive a renewable scholarship that pays $3,000 for every semester she is in school full-time and $2,000 for semesters when she is enrolled half-time. The Science Scholar program is open to new applicants for fall 2022 through June 30, 2022.

Paige is grateful for the outstanding teaching and camaraderie she has received from her fellow students and the hands-on approach taken by her teachers. And the faculty appreciates her, as shared by one of her teachers, Professor Kristyn WanderWaal Mills:

“Paige is a delight to have in class. She is a natural in a lab and is an enthusiastic advocate for science careers and our Science and Engineering Technology program. She is a great example of realizing that the first program you choose isn’t always the one you pursue, and that is perfectly ok!”

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