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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Submit a Report

Submit an Online Report/Anonymous Report.

To file a report in person, you can speak with the designated officers at Saint Paul College:

Dean of Student Success: Pepe Wonosikou
651.403.4007 – Administration Office –

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities & Title IX Coordinator: Mike Gerold
651.846.1327 – Administration Office –

Department of Public Safety
651.846.1322 –

Confidential Reporting

Counselor: Lisa Hanes Goodlander
651.846.1383 – Advising & Counseling Office –

Submit a Complaint or Grievance

Students have a right to seek a remedy to a dispute through a complaint or grievance procedure. The following procedure is established to promote a timely means of resolving disputes between you and others in the campus community. Students who have a complaint against any member of the faculty or staff about content or conduct of a course, grading, tuition, or any other school policy or procedure, review the following for the process that needs to be followed. For more information about your rights or the procedure, call 651.846.1327.

To file a complaint or grievance, you may come to the Administration Office or fill out an online Complaint or & Grievance form.

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