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The Remote Worker’s Guide to Self-Care (and all things wellbeing)

At a Glance – Saint Paul College Emotional Wellbeing Resources

Maintaining a healthy balance and attention to your emotional wellbeing is an important component of your overall health. The following guide outlines a number of internal and external resources that you can utilize to continue to support your emotional wellbeing ranging from educational programming, self-care practices, and external resources to reference for physical and mental health support.

Resources Include:

State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) Resources

The state of Minnesota offers two Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Work/Life Counseling for work and personal life matters as well as Organizational Health for leadership and workplace consultation.

  • Life Matters - EAP Work/Life Counseling: 24/7 access to expert, personal consultation on a range of concerns from financial to relationship and family challenges; referrals to outside clinical counseling can also be provided from recommendations from EAP.
    • Five Free counseling sessions per topic, per person, per year: EAP FAQ
  • Free Online Care: As an Advantage Plan Member access mental health care providers from home.
  • SEGIP Health and Wellbeing Webinars: Free webinars covering a range of topics in areas of wellbeing
  • Life Matters Resource Center: Range of COVID19 Resources and webinars; password to access: stmn1
  • Virgin Pulse: 5-15 minute mindfulness guided courses are available.
Minnesota State Training Course: Navigating Work During COVID-19

The following course was developed by Minnesota State Human Resource Division to provide key tips and resources in the following:

  • Taking care of yourself
  • Supporting each other
  • Finding new ways to do the work

To access this training, please review the following and login to ELM with your Employee ID and Password.

LinkedIn Learning – Free Wellbeing Resources

Linkedin Learning has unlocked a number of free resources for a limited tie to all Minnesota State faculty, staff and leaders:

Be Well Program Logo
Be Well – Saint Paul College Wellbeing Program

The Be Well, Saint Paul College Wellbeing Program supports ongoing awareness, exploration, and engagement of healthy practices within the Saint Paul College staff and faculty community to encourage growth, personal wellbeing, self-care, sense of community, and enrichment for a holistic healthy lifestyle. Within the Be Well Program, there are offerings of workshops, challenges, online resources, projects, external partnerships, and events offered year-round to encourage ongoing engagement and support needs and interests. Learn more about our Be Well Model and Wellbeing Dimensions.

Be Well - Remote Worker Resources

In an effort to support emotional wellbeing oriented toward self-care, adjustment of remote work, the following workshops are offered during the 2020 spring and summer terms:

  • Mindful Mondays: Self–guided meditation prompts
  • Walk it Out Wednesdays: Self-guided walks and community discussions (via zoom)
  • Technique of the Week: Led by guest facilitators, demo introduction of physical fitness, stretching, and breathing exercises focused on those with traditional desk work.
  • Finding Your Rhythm: Self-care workshop and practices to support adjusting to remote work

For additional information and RSVP, please visit:

Wellness Wired - Online Wellness Resources
Explore Wellness Wired!

Developed by the Be Well Program, Wellness Wired offers a highlight of wellness apps and websites in an array of areas including Emotional Wellbeing. Access the Wellness Wired PDF to explore resources.

Additional Mental Health Resources

The follow resources can provide additional support to see out additional guidance for referrals for mental health and overall emotional wellbeing:

Grab and Go Articles and PDF References

WELCOA (Wellness Council of America)
Developed by WELCOA, a nationally respected resource for building high-performing healthy workplaces, developed educational resources below to provide helpful practices for key emotional wellbeing areas:

By Design – Helpful Wellbeing Articles
Relationship Health and Safety

Working from home, social distancing, shifts in balancing family obligations, and anxiety may be especially challenging for individuals who do not feel safe in their relationships with their spouse or partner, particularly if they live with that person. For some relationships, this added stress may also bring out unhealthy or even abusive behaviors.

Day One (support, connection to services, and safe housing resources)
Call: 1.866.223.1111, Text: 612.399.9995, Visit: Day One Services

Is My Relationship Healthy? Quiz

Help a Friend or Family Member

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