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​​​​​​Micro-Learning Drive Throughs

Micro-Learning Drive Thru’s

Micro Learning Drive ​Thru’s are short skill building p​re-recorded videos that are informative and reflective on an array of topics. These condensed learning moments can be self-reflective or approached in a group discussion format. Each video pro​vides opportunities for reflective pauses, next steps, and a call to action. Each term, new topics will be added to the overall Micro-Learning Drive Thru series library and the series will be accessible on-demand on the AEI website. The overall intention is to create brief moments to enhance an understanding of a topic, apply key strategies and tips in the moment, and provoke curiosity to learn further about the topic at hand.

View current offerings in the Micro-Learning Drive Thru Library

Interested in starting your meeting with a micro-learning drive thru video and discussion?

Facilitator G​uides are provided on all current videos below:

Have an idea for a new topic? Share your thoughts with Gina Anselmo, Organizational Developer at gina.anselmo@saintpaul.edu.​

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