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Program Overview

Be Well. Physical. Social & Cultural. Emotional. Financial. Career

The Be Well, Saint Paul College Wellbeing Program supports ongoing awareness, exploration, and engagement of healthy practices within the Saint Paul College staff and faculty community to encourage growth, personal wellbeing, self-care, sense of community, and enrichment for a holistic healthy lifestyle. Within the Be Well Program, there are offerings of workshops, individual and team challenges, online resources, projects, external partnerships, and events offered year-round to encourage ongoing engagement and support needs and interests.

Greater Wellbeing

Wellbeing is an active and dynamic process focused on progress with several overlapping and intersecting dimensions. Wellbeing emerges from your thoughts, actions and experiences; it is the sum of the positive steps taken in order to lead a healthier life. While at times, one dimension of wellbeing can be more prominent than others, it is important to continue to strive for what feels like balance and an overall sense of energy, fulfillment, and growth in your life. Saint Paul College is committed to supporting and encouraging the wellbeing of all employees through a wide variety of workplace initiatives.

To explore each wellbeing dimension further, click HERE to learn more!

To learn more about the program offerings of the Be Well Program, Explore

Be Well Program Offerings
Saint Paul College Wellbeing Program

The Be Well Program provides a number of resources to our Saint Paul College Employee community ranging from in-person or remote workshops, webinars, community challenges, online resources, and special events. Learn more about each program component below:

  • Wellbeing Works Workshop Series: Highlighting topics in each of the five wellbeing dimensions and led by internal and external guest facilitators, this workshop series offered each term provides SPC employees with tips, resources, and interactive exercises to support learning and growth on an array of topics. Explore our current offerings for this term!
  • Individual and Team Challenges: Individual and team challenges provide an opportunity to set and accomplish personal wellbeing goals as well as build community and a sense of belonging with your peers. Topics can range from an increase in physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness and more! Campus wide employee team challenges are offered twice a year (fall and spring terms) and individual challenges are offered periodically four times per year (fall, spring, and summer terms). Explore our upcoming Team Challenge details!
  • Online Resources: Online Wellbeing resources provide a range of suggested online websites, apps, webinars and more to provide guidance and insight on all wellbeing dimensions. Check out these guides below by clicking on the image to learn a helpful best practice or new tool to use!
remote workers guide  
wellness wired  
Be Well Newsletter - Overview

The Be Well Newsletter is a monthly publication that is offered electronically to the Saint Paul College employee community. Each month features a new theme and highlights a range of components including a featured article, upcoming workshops, useful websites, mindfulness activities, and quarterly opportunities to participate in an individual or team challenge.

Missed a Monthly Newsletter? Check out our archive newsletter library below:

  • Resilience and Mindfulness (August 2020)
  • Physical Fitn​ess​ (September 2020)
  • Relationship Health (October 2020)
  • Preventative Care (November 2020)
  • Gratitude (December 2020)
  • Resolution Central (January 2021)
  • Healthy Hearts (February 2021)
  • Eating and Sleeping (March 2021)
  • Service and Community (April 2021)
  • Mental Health Awareness (May 2021)
  • Life Long Learning (June 2021)
  • Parks and Recreation (July 2021)
  • Financial Fitness (August 2021)

wellbeingwhirls.pngAs part of the Be Well Newsletter, Wisdom Whirls is a contributing writer series in which each contributing guest writer will highlight a sub-theme within the theme featured for a specific month of the Be Well Newsletter. Contributing writers are comprised of the SPC faculty and staff community as well as external content expert professionals.

Want to join the fun as a contributing writer? Have a good topic to share your perspective? Please reach out to Gina Anselmo at gina.anselmo@saintpaul.edu or Jess Cheney at Jessica.cheney@saint.paul.edu

Interested in a little Wisdom? Check out our Wisdom Whirls article library below:

Saint Paul College Wellbeing Program
SPC Community Challenges

Employee Team Wellbeing Challenges
Offered within the calendar year, there are opportunities to participate in team challenges on an array of themes to strengthen physical wellbeing. Traditionally team challenges are within a 30 day period and offered in the fall and spring terms. This is a great way to get to know more of your colleagues in other departments and have fun as a campus community while throwing in a little healthy competition!

Learn more about our upcoming Fall 2020 Strides to Struts Team Challenge! To participate, please complete the Registration Form.


Individual Wellbeing Challenges
Individual wellbeing challenges provide an opportunity to adopt long lasting healthy habits in a number of areas in physical, emotional, social/cultural, financial, and career development wellbeing. Individual challenges can range from a week to a 30 day challenge and will be offered four times a year in the fall, spring, and summer terms to our SPC employee community. Promotions of upcoming individual challenges can be found in the monthly Be Well Newsletter. Please reach out to Gina Anselmo at gina.anselmo@saintpaul.edu to learn more about the upcoming individual challenge!

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handing out bags  

Employee Service Projects
Offered in the fall and spring terms, SPC employees have an opportunity to give back to the community and participate in a number of volunteer opportunties. Volunteer experiences have included book and clothing drives, food distribution, meal preparation, and more! Past volunteer opportunities with parterning organizations have included:

  • Hallie Q. Brown Community Center
  • Keystone Community Services
  • Merrick Community Service
  • Neighborhood House
  • Ujamaa Place
  • Various Saint Paul Public School partnerships

Want to get involved? Contact Gina Anselmo at gina.anselmo@saintpaul.edu or Annie Dresen at Anne.Dresen@saintpaul.edu to learn more about upcoming service projects!​

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