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Monday Move: Conducting “Inreach”

Welcome to ‘Monday Move’, a feature on our site where you’ll be given a new tip, trick, or teaching move that you can quickly implement in your class.

Your face time in class is a good opportunity to remind stud​ents of what’s going on around campus. It can be a way to help connect them with the services, deadlines, and events that they may have missed in their email. Try putting up a slide or other visual aide 5 minutes before class starts with important and timely information such as:

  • Registration deadlines
  • An upcoming transfer or job fair
  • Student service department location/contact information
  • Fun/social events on campus

This Monday Move was inspired by “Teachin’ It!” by Felicia Darling. This fantastic book is full of practical advice based on sound theory on how to better teach community college students. We have two copies available in room 3110 for you to check out - come pick one up!

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