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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College


Types of Financial Aid


Grants are gift aid, which the student does not have to pay back. Students who have completed a bachelor's degree, or the equivalent from another college, are not eligible for grants.

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Loans are financial aid that must be paid back. The student must complete on-line Entry Loan Counseling and be registered for 6 credits. Need based and non-need based loans are available.

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Work-Study Programs

These programs employ students on campus. Pay is established by the College. These programs provide work for up to 20 hours per week. Total work-study earnings cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Stude​nts must be registered for 6 credits or more.

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Other Sources of Financial Aid Assistance

Several government and private agencies provide financial assistance to eligible students. Contact the local office of any of the following agencies for consideration. The agency determines eligibility.

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Scholarships through Friends of Saint Paul College

The Friends of Saint Paul College Foundation offers scholarships for Saint Paul College students for fall, spring and summer terms. ​View Friends of S​a​int Paul College Scholarships ​

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