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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

​​Public Information, Advertising and Recruitment

Marketing, Communications and Recruitment at Saint Paul College

The Marketing, Communications and Recruitment Department supports a range of marketing strategies aimed at promoting Saint Paul College to diverse internal and external audiences. The department maintains the Saint Paul College identity by ensuring that all electronic and printed collateral preserves, strengthens and promotes the College's quality image, distinct brand personality and identity, and most importantly, aligned with the College mission, vision and values.

It is the intent of the Marketing, Communications and Recruitment Department to provide accurate, authentic, timely and appropriate information to current and future students, and all constituent groups. The department strives to develop, adopt and implement recruitment and marketing campaigns, events, and programs that uphold the College’s mission, vision, values and strategic priorities.



Saint Paul College welcomes feedback regarding marketing and recruitment efforts or materials. Any questions, comments or concerns, please​ complete this Feedback Form.

Examples of Advertising


Marketing Committee

The College Marketing Committee meets monthly September - May. Membership includes staff, faculty and current student representation. The mission of the Marketing Committee is to recommend strategies to increase the visibility of the College. The committee also reviews marketing and recruitment collateral and initiatives, and provides feedback at each meeting. 

Website Content is an essential source of information for current students, future students, past students, College employees, community partners and employers. It is critical for the College to provide accurate, timely and appropriate content on the website.

Each department, office or program is responsible for appointing a person who will maintain and update the content on their respective pages. The appropriate College Leadership Team Member or designee must approve content.

Website Content Review

The website content designee is expected to review and update the webpage(s) as needed, minimally once per term. The person responsible for reviewing the webpage must submit substantive changes to the appropriate authority for approval. See list of content experts/owners here.

Web Request

To implement changes or updates on a webpage, content designees must complete the Web Request Form. The Marketing Department receives the request, edits and proofs the content, and reviews for accuracy to the best of its ability and knowledge. After proofing and editing, the marketing department forwards the web page updates or changes with approval to the webmasters. The webmasters then update the page, and notify the submitter that the request has been completed.

Completion Timeframe

Please allow at least three working days to process requests involving minor changes/updates to current content.

The timeframe for completion is dependent on the complexity of the project and prioritizing of other requests received.

To help ensure timely completion of your Web Request, please do the following:

  • review your submitted materials for accuracy of information, days and dates;
  • clearly mark and indicate changes/edits to be made
  • check your spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • make sure the URL you provide to us is the URL of the page that needs the update;
  • to have a PDF replaced, please provide the URL of the PDF and also the page that has the link to the PDF.

Links to External Sites from pages

Links to external Internet resources may be included in web pages. When you leave, the College will not accept any responsibility for the contents of those external sites. Links will vary widely in scope, format and content and should be selected with the following criteria in mind:

  • perceived quality of the source
  • relevance to the purpose of the linked page
  • availability of instructions for access and use
  • evidence of stability and ongoing maintenance
  • appropriateness of content for general users

Inappropriate Material

The following materials are inappropriate for inclusion on any page:

  • copyrighted information without written consent of copyright owner
  • information libelous to groups or individuals
  • information that violates federal, state and local laws or college  policies
  • information which may injure someone else and/or lead to a lawsuit or criminal charges
  • information that constitutes an invasion of privacy
  • pictures or videos of people without the permission of the people in the picture or video
  • advertisements for commercial products or enterprises
  • pirated or destructive software
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