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​​​​​Frequently A​sked Questions A​bout Parking

About the parking access system

Why do I have to pay for parking?

The Legislature of the State of Minnesota and the MnSCU Board of Trustees established policies stating all users of parking facilities at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities must pay a fee for parking. The parking fee must cover all costs associated with the parking operations of the College. The parking fee at Saint Paul College covers costs associated with parking, safety, and facilities.

Who do I see about parking issues?

The parking office is located in room 1240 (Business Office). The best way to contact parking staff is either via email (parking@saintpaul.edu​) or calling 651.846.1797 during the office hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00am - 4:00pm, Friday. You may also contact Public Safety at 651.846.1322 outside of parking office hours.

What is contract parking?

If you have an active SPC Card issued by Saint Paul College you are considered contract parking. You can access any entrance or exit in the parking system.

Where to park
Can I park anywhere in the lot?

Students can park in any unrestricted or undesignated parking area. A state-issued handicap permit is required for all spaces marked for handicap parking only. There can be no parking in fire lanes, blocking building entrances or sidewalks/crosswalks. Citations will be issued for parking violations, chronic offenders of the parking policy may be subject to student discipline, as stated in the Student Code of Conduct. If necessary, citations will be sent to the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection.

Is motorcycle parking available?

Yes, motorcycle parking is available in the designated parking areas accessed off of the Kellogg Blvd entrance. The cement motorcycle parking area is located to the left of the Kellogg Blvd. entrance in the lower lot. Please be aware that motorcycles that are primarily constructed of plastic or any other non-metal frame structure, may not be immediately detected by the parking loop because they are designed to specifically detect metal so you may need to readjust the motorcycle until it can be detected. Use the intercom (phone icon) on the parking column if there are any issues.

Entering/Exiting the parking Lot
If I get into the exit lane and cannot pay or the machine is broken, what do I do?

Press the intercom button on the exit device to contact the on duty parking attendant, Office of Public Safety or the parking office. If the intercom is busy, call 651.846.1322 for assistance.

When do I need to present my SPC Card: when I enter or when I exit?

Contract parkers (people using the SPC Card) can come in on Marshall Avenue, Kellogg Blvd. or the entrance along Concordia Avenue. You will need to present your SPC Card upon entry and again when you leave. If the SPC Card is not presented when you enter, the parking system will display an error message that the card is not present because it was not used to enter the parking lot and it will not allow you to exit. If this occurs, press the intercom button and ask for assistance.

If you do not have an SPC Card, you will need to pull a short-term parking access ticket at the Kellogg Boulevard or Marshall Avenue entrances. You will then need to pay by credit card when leaving at the Concordia Avenue or Marshall Avenue exits, or with cash or credit card by visiting the pay station located in the lobby area on the third level of the parking ramp.

Visitor and Short-term parking
If I am a visitor, how and where do I pay?

If you are a visitor, you must enter the parking lot through either entrance on Marshall Avenue or the Kellogg Boulevard entrance. Before the gate will open, a short-term parking access ticket will be issued at the gate by pressing the ticket button. This short-term parking access ticket will state the time and day that you arrived. When exiting, you will need to pay with either cash or credit card. The exit gates at Marshall Avenue and Concordia Avenue only accept credit cards for payment. To pay with cash you will need to proceed to the pay station located in the lobby area of level P3 in the parking ramp. Upon payment at the pay station, you will be issued a voucher ticket that can be used to exit at any parking gate. It must be used within 20 minutes.

What are the parking rates for visitors?
Under 20 minutesFree
20-59 minutes$1.00
60-179 minutes$3.00
180 minutes and over$5.00
Can I just pay the daily visitor fee if I only drive to school once in a while?

Students are already assessed a per credit fee to park on campus and should only use an SPC Card to enter and exit the parking lot.

Visitors and employees who choose not to obtain an SPC Card can pay for parking by obtaining a short-term parking access ticket at the Marshall Avenue Visitor entrance or the Kellogg Boulevard entrance.

How much does it cost to park if I lose my short-term parking access ticket that I got at the gate when I entered the parking lot?


SPC Card
Where do I get my SPC Card?

Student SPC Cards are available at the One Stop Office, located in room 1300, throughout the year. Check your email for specific details at the beginning of the term.

How much does it cost to replace a lost or stolen SPC Card?

$15.00 for each replacement card.

How do I replace my lost or stolen SPC Card?

Anyone who needs to replace their SPC Card must first go to the Tuition Office windows and obtain a receipt of payment for a lost or stolen SPC Card. Once the receipt is obtained take it to One Stop (room 1300) to obtain your new card.

What do I do if I have an SPC Card that is not working?

If you have an SPC Card, but it is not working to enter or exit the parking lot, please contact the parking office (651.846.1797) or a Public Safety officer (651.846.1322) to check your card. If it is determined that the card is defective, a replacement will be issued at no cost to you by going to the One Stop (room 1300) and exchanging the defective SPC Card for a new one. If it is determined that the card became defective due to damage or misuse, you will need to pay $15.00 for a replacement card at the Tuition Office windows before obtaining a new card from the One Stop.

What if I forgot my SPC Card?

Please use the intercom located on every parking gate to talk with the parking attendant, Parking Office or Public Safety and state why you forgot your SPC Card before you request a short term parking ticket to gain entry; an exception may be granted under exigent circumstances to allow you to both enter and exit that day. Continually forgetting or failure to replace your SPC Card will result in having to request a short term parking ticket upon entry and having to pay the short term parking ticket rate upon exit if you do not possess an SPC Card.

Parking rates/payment for access card
Are individuals charged per occurrence or per credit?

Parking is based on a per credit rate. The per credit rate is currently $9.33.

Does everyone pay the same amount?

The parking fees were established according to Board Policy and the State of Minnesota collective bargaining agreements. Per credit fees were established so that full-time students and full-time employees who park on campus pay the same rate.

Can I get a reduced rate if we car pool?

There are no reduced rates for carpooling because the parking fee is assessed per person per credit enrolled.

What if I paid for a SPC Card and I drop all my courses during the drop/add period?

If all courses are dropped during the drop/add period, then you will be entitled to a refund on your SPC Card parking charges..

Will I be charged an additional fee if I come to school, leave and come back again on the same day?

No. The SPC Card allows you to enter and exit the parking lot as many times as you need to in a single day for no additional charge. If you do not have a SPC Card and are pulling a short-term visitor parking ticket, you will need to pay the applicable hourly rate each time you leave.

Parking Violations
What are the penalties for illegal parking or use of an SPC Card?

The fines for parking illegally or misuse of your SPC card are listed below.

WARNING (See Narrative)$0
Parked in Roadway/Obstructing Traffic$35
Parked on Grass, Sidewalk or Curb$35
Not Within Marked Space$35
Parked in “No Parking” Zone$50
Unauthorized Parking $50
Visitor Parking Only $50
Fire Lane/Fire Hydrant Parking Violation $50
Illegal Entry/Exit of the Parking Lot $100
Handicapped Parking Violation

Please note that continued misuse and/or abuse of the parking lot or your SPC card may result in revocation of your parking privileges at Saint Paul College and/or your vehicle being towed off campus at your expense.

If I get a parking citation, what is the process?

Payment is to be directed to the Tuition Office and requires a copy of the citation. Payment is due fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was issued. Checks are to be made payable to Saint Paul College. You may appeal your citation within fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was issued. The appeal form is available online at https://www.saintpaul.edu/aboutus/Pages/Parking-Citation-Appeal-Form.aspx. The form must be filled out completely​ and submitted electronically to be considered. Questions regarding appeals can be sent to parking@saintpaul.edu.

It is mandatory that all motor vehicles parked on Saint Paul College campus use the parking access system to go in and out of the parking lot.

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