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​Equity and Inclusion

Saint Paul College is the most racially diverse college in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, with an enrollment of 65 percent students of color. More than 14,000 full- and part-time students are attending Saint Paul College for a variety of reasons and at various stages in their lives.

Whether students are starting college for the first time or returning to enhance their career opportunities, a Saint Paul College education fits into their lives! Most of our students work at least part-time. Many have family obligations. They come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. But all of them have found their place in the Saint Paul College community.

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Inclusive Vision and Values Statement

Saint Paul College promotes and recognizes the principles of equity, inclusion and social justice in relation to, and across the intersectionality of, race, age, color, ability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, and other identities represented among our students, faculty and staff.

By appreciating and respecting the importance of equity and inclusion, we acknowledge that the collective membership and community of Saint Paul College will foster a culture and atmosphere of belonging, collaboration and mutual respect. Saint Paul College seeks to empower and engage students, faculty and staff in actions that contribute to accomplishing the objectives and goals of our College.

Workshops, Trainings and Professional Development Opportunities

The diversity of Saint Paul College is one of the school’s greatest strengths. In an effort to promote equity, inclusion and social justice the College is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff and students to be continuously engaged in experiences that increase cultural competency.

Equity Training Series - Saint Paul College developed the Equity Training series. The Equity Training series is composed of 7 workshops providing faculty and staff with opportunities to engage in conversations around the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion/spirituality and class.

Social Justice Book Club – The Social Justice Book Club provides monthly opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in conversations addressing social justice through literature.

Intercultural Development Inventory - The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is an assessment tool designed to help individuals increase their intercultural competence. The Inventory generates individual or group profiles based on the Intercultural Development Continuum.

Throughout the academic year additional workshops and events will be offered to support increasing the cultural competency of faculty, staff and students.

Equity and Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Equity and Inclusion Committee is to foster a campus climate that promotes and sustains equity and inclusion for members of the Saint Paul College Community including students, staff and faculty.

The Committee will review and assess the campus Equity and Inclusion Plan, Affirmative Action Plan and conduct Racial Equity Impact Assessments.

Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups

Saint Paul College supports the development and retention of faculty and staff. The Faculty and Staff of Color Affinity group promotes employee retention through providing opportunities to build community, mentoring and encouraging personal and professional growth through shared experiences.

Contact Information

For more information regarding Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice at Saint Paul College, please contact Wendy Roberson, Dean of Student Success, Equity and Inclusion at wendy.roberson@saintpaul.edu.

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