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Getting Started As a New Leader

New Leaders are asked to take on a whole new list of responsibilities that are often challenging for even the experienced manager. Too often work group performance drops as new leaders work under higher visibility and expectations to undo their "rookie" mistake. This course will help new leaders understand and focus their efforts on the organization's business strategies and identify strength's and development needs for themselves and their team.

Getting Started as a New Leader
Develop a strategy and learn a leadership approach to accelerate your success in your new leadership role necessary to make a successful transition to supervising others who may have been peers.

Essentials of Leadership
Discover how to get results by using seven leadership skills to meet challenges and inspire action using good basic interaction and feedback skills to spark action in others.

Coaching for Success
Learn proactive skills that you need as a leader to help people take on new tasks or solve problems.

Coaching for Improvement
Build the skills you need as a leader to help people with performance or work habits problems.

Setting Performance Expectations
Setting Drive Gain the skills need to be effective at driving performance and accountability by helping people understand what is expected of them and gaining their commitment to achieving it.

Delegating for Results
Delegating for Results Learn to become a catalyst so that as a leader you can transfers responsibility and authority to others to be more effective in your leadership role.

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