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​​​Communication Skills

Communicating And Listening
When people in your organization are communicating effectively, they are informed and able to participate, contribute, and add value to their jobs and the organization. Communicating and Listening is designed to equip employees with the skills they need to communicate clearly and listen carefully.

Building Trust
In this course, leaders learn how to avoid the trust traps and take action to create an environment in which people take risks, identify and solve problems, and work together to create and sustain high levels of trust.

Developing Others
This course provides leaders, coaches and mentors with a practical process and the skills necessary to develop talent. It focuses on the leader’s role before, during, and after the development plan.

Facilitating Change
This course shows leaders how to make change a positive experience for others by focusing people on a shared vision, building business partnerships, championing ongoing improvement, and creating an environment in which learning is encouraged.

Influential Leadership
Influential Leadership helps leaders get their good ideas heard, accepted, and enacted. Leaders learn influencing strategies and how to package ideas to gain the commitment of even the most skeptical coworkers and partners.

​Resolving Conflict​
This course teaches leaders how to recognize that a conflict is escalating and minimize damage by using the most appropriate resolution tactic–regardless of which stage a conflict is in.

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