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Truck Technician Faculty

Patrick Rafferty


Truck Technician

Phone: 651.846.1414

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Patrick Rafferty has been an instructor in the Truck Technician program at Saint Paul College beginning Fall Semester 2006, and has been an advisory committee member for the program for approximately 5 years. He graduated from the Saint Paul College Truck Technician program in 1980. As a student, he received the Minnesota Motor Transport Association award for Outstanding Truck Mechanic Student Class of 1980.

His favorite part about teaching is providing the same high quality educational experience that his instructors provided to him. He also enjoys the fact that it takes more than a big hammer to fix a truck. It’s a high-skill/high-wage job. Computers, electronics and technology provide for an exciting, challenging career.

Pat Rafferty is an ASE Certified Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technician, Member of the Minnesota Trucking Association, Member of American Historical Truck Society, and is a DOT certified commercial vehicle inspector.

Keep on Truckin’……………