Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Criminology
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Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Criminology


Saint Paul College's Associate in Arts degree now offers an emphasis in Criminology.

Criminology is a growing field. Criminology programs combine a broad background in sociology, legal issues and psychology to prepare students to work in a field related to criminal behavior and processes. They provide an opportunity for students to understand the justice system and how it works. Students pursuing an AA degree may now prepare for a career in law enforcement and related fields.

What You'll Learn
  • The sociology behind various forms of crime and deviance.
  • The identification of various components and issues of the American criminal justice system.
  • The functional operation of the juvenile justice system and identification of moral dilemmas, as well as theoretical understanding of the criminology field.
  • The elements of policing styles, levels of court systems, and causes of crime and victimization.
  • The variety of methods used in evidence collection and how to identify the courtroom value of physical and testimonial evidence.
Career Settings
  • Probation and parole offices
  • Adult and juvenile correction facilities
  • Criminology related public agencies
  • Sheriff’s departments, state highway patrol stations
Potential Employers
  • Youth & Family Services
  • Various County Corrections Offices
  • Public Safety Offices