Computer Programming
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Computer Programming


The job of the applications programmer is to (1) review job specifications provided by the system analyst and end user and (2) plan, code, test, and document a programming solution which takes the available data input and produces the desired output in the form of a printed report or a screen display.

The programming language(s) used depends on the nature of the problem and the languages available to the programmer at his/her installation. Programmers need above average communications and math skills. Programmers also need to possess the qualities of patience, perseverance, and preciseness, and should enjoy working in a team environment and also be able to work independently.

What You'll Learn
  • Design and code production software applications.
  • Analyze complex organizational problems.
  • Develop design specifications.
  • Use industry standard database management systems to support their applications.
Career Settings
  • Private industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Government agencies
  • Education
  • Programmers may work as Technical, Applications or Production Programmers; Database or Systems Support Specialists; Applications Programmers; Technical Programmers; Systems Analyst; MIS Coordinators; Test or Systems Analysts; Junior and Senior Programmer-Analysts and many other positions in this diverse field.
Potential Employers
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Minnesota Mutual
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • State of Minnesota
  • Northwest Airlines
Additional Benefits
  • Programs emphasize training for industry certification.
  • Jobs for computer programmers for all types of computer systems are found throughout the country with opportunities for good earning and rapid advancement.