Registered Yoga Teacher
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Registered Yoga Teacher



Yoga instructors teach the principles of yoga including how it strengthens and tones the body as well as calms the mind and spirit. Yoga instructors teach students in specific methods of yoga. This program is designed to meet yoga teacher training required for certification by the Yoga Alliance for the 200 hour standard. Training includes information about the health benefits from yoga practice and potential contraindications to yoga for individuals with certain health conditions.

As the health care industry strives to provide more personalized services to keep their members motivated, the industry continues to offer a wide variety of group exercise classes. All ages benefit from developing a yoga practice due to the positive cumulative effects of the low impact form of exercise yoga provides. The alignment and action within a yoga pose develops endurance and focus, which helps maintain health throughout the lifespan.

What You'll Learn
  • How to build one’s core strength, improving overall flexibility and developing overall muscle tone.
  • How to instruct students in the principles of yoga.
  • How to recognize indications and contraindications to yoga practice.
  • Instruction for a variety of age groups
  • Possible health benefits from yoga practice
Career Settings
  • HMO’s in the areas of heart health and pregnancy
  • Wellness centers
  • Studios with massage therapists
  • Fitness centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Conference centers
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Spas
  • Yoga studios
  • Cruise ships
  • Community education
Additional Benefits
  • Learn from experienced instructors who teach in a "hands-on" environment.
  • Graduates will meet the Yoga Alliance Standards of Yoga Teacher Training.

This program is accredited by YogaAlliance: