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The Leadership Certificate program is designed for students who have a desire to learn or enhance specific leadership skills and behaviors such as effectively leading others, managing initiatives, influencing change in the organization, and helping employees achieve their goals while contributing to an organizations productivity and success. The program is targeted at emerging leaders, as well as those currently leading a group, function or business team. This certificate program covers the fundamental areas of successful leadership including self-development, interpersonal development, community/societal development, and organizational development.

Leaders today face enormous challenges such as employee motivation, navigating change and building work relationships. Enrolling in this certificate program will give students the tools needed to become leaders who can make a positive impact on an organization, respond to business needs, create strategic innovation, and obtain a competitive advantage and profitable growth for an organization. Our leadership certificate program allows students to discover and explore what it takes to be a skilled and effective leader.

The leadership certificate program consists of ten courses focused on providing essential leadership information, delivered in a timely manner designed to fit busy work and family schedules.

What You'll Learn
  • Self-awareness of personal leadership style, strengths and skills, and how these impact others in an organization.
  • Apply leadership theory and demonstrate best practices in organizational leadership on the job.
  • Provides working knowledge of leadership practices consistent with ethical, legal, and regulatory expectations.
  • Develop characteristics, habits, skills and the understanding necessary for leadership in a complex and cross-cultural environment.
Career Settings
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Non-Profit
Additional Benefits
  • Learn from experienced instructors who teach in a "hands on" environment.
  • Develop leadership skills to work in a variety of organizations and businesses