Internship Frequently Asked Questions
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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

HMRS 2591, the HR Internship is designed to be a capstone experience for students in the HR AAS program. The internship is designed to provide students the opportunity to apply the skills, knowledge, and techniques learned through the human resource major coursework in an applied setting.

Questions & Answers

When is HMRS 2591 HR Internship Offered?

HMRS 2591 is offered during fall, spring and summer semesters.

How Many Credits is HMRS 2591?

Students are required to have a 3 credit internship. A student can choose to add on more internship credits to be used as elective credits.

Elective Credits
Semester Credit Hours Minimum Internship Hours per Week For 16 Weeks Total Hours
3 9 144
6 18 288
Where do I complete my internship?

Students have completed internships with a variety of organizations throughout the Twin Cities. A list of current and previous internship sites and intern responsibilities is available from the HR Department Web site. The list is not meant to be inclusive, rather it serves to give students ideas of the types and variety of internship experiences students have developed. Students are encouraged to contact the program advisor to discuss possible Internship sites that would best meet the interests of the student.

Students are responsible for contacting the proposed internship site, interviewing for the internship, completing an Internship Contract (see Internship Contract), confirming arrangements for supervision, ensuring that all hours for the internship can be completed at the site, confirming the necessary arrangements for on-site supervision, and confirming arrangements with the program advisor.

What are the requirements for an internship site?

The host employer must designate an internship supervisor who will provide onsite supervision and evaluation of the students' performance. The internship supervisor must agree to provide the supervision, complete a minimum of 2 Internship Performance Evaluation Forms, midterm and final forms. (Note: a final grade will not be assigned until the Internship Evaluation form is submitted to the Program Advisor).

Can Internships be Paid?

At the discretion of the employer, Interns can be paid. The rate and amount of pay is based on the employer's policies and procedures. The majority of students do work as paid interns. The current rate is $10-12 per hour.

What are the Prerequisites for HMRS 2591 HR Internship?

All students must:

  • Have program advisors approval to register for the internship.
  • Complete the majority of the core HMRS courses prior to beginning the internship.
  • Complete and have on file an Internship Contract.
When Do I Register for Internship?

Students must register for the internship prior to the semester in which they plan to complete the internship. The Internship Contract must be on file prior to the beginning of the semester.

How is HMRS 2591 Graded?

The internship is a graded course. To receive an "A" in the course you need to meet the internship activities specified in your contract and meet the following requirements.

  • Maintain weekly contact with your program advisor. This can be done via e-mail or voice mail.
  • Complete bi-weekly time logs.
  • Have the employer complete two evaluations (midterm and final).
  • Complete a final paper answering questions regarding the internship experience.

Students who do not meet the reporting requirements, as per designated time lines, will receive a grade that is less than an "A". In addition, the grade may be less than an "A" based on the quality of the final paper and evaluation from the employer.

What are My Responsibilities for the Internship?

Interns are responsible for the following:

  • Complete the necessary number of hours required for the number of credits enrolled.
  • Complete the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Internship Contract.
  • Complete an Internship Log, on a bi-weekly basis, documenting times, duties, and outcomes accomplished during the internship.
  • Maintain weekly contact with the program advisor.
  • Complete the final paper.
What are the On-site Supervisor's Responsibilities for the Internship?

The on-site supervisor serves as your immediate supervisor. The On-site supervisors are responsible for the following:

  • Provide direct supervision of the Intern on a day to day basis.
  • Provide the necessary hours of work for the Intern.
  • Complete one midterm Internship Evaluations during the course of the internship.
  • Submit Final Internship Evaluation to the program advisor by final week of the semester 
What are the Program Advisor's Responsibilities for the Internship?

The Program Advisor oversees your internship and provides assistance as needed. The Program Advisor is responsible for the following:

  • Approve Internship sites and proposed Internship Contracts.
  • Oversee Internship activities.
  • Conduct an on-site meeting as necessary.
  • Maintain contact with On-site Internship Supervisor as needed.
  • Provide ongoing assistance and monitoring during the Internship as needed.
What if I have Additional Questions or Concerns?

Any additional questions should be directed to the Program Advisor:

Joyce LeMay, SPHR
235 Marshall Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102