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Program Requirements

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Faculty Info

Accounting Diploma
Gainful Employment Program Information

Gainful Employment Program Information


An Accountant examines, analyzes and interprets accounting data for the purpose of giving advice and preparing financial statements. Duties may include performing such activities as recording receipts and disbursements, and preparing state and federal reports. The accountant may prepare reports and statements on a computer or manually.

The Accounting Technician monitors and controls various types of electronic data processing equipment used to process accounting data. Applications would include automated general ledger and other accounting subsystems, spreadsheet applications, database management, and the use of graphics. The Accounting Technician may also assist in the planning and implementation of automated accounting systems.

What You'll Learn
  • How to examine, analyze and interpret accounting data.
  • Use of computer software application to prepare general ledgers, accounting subsystems, spreadsheet applications and data base management.
  • Preparation of financial information and statements.
  • Preparation of State and Federal reports.
  • Knowledge of State and Federal tax requirements and preparation of tax returns.
Career Settings
  • Accounting departments in governmental agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Private business and industry
  • Public accounting firms
  • Work in the areas of public or private accounting, non-profit accounting, auditing, taxation, cost accounting or managerial positions.
Potential Employers
  • First Bank Systems
  • 3M
  • Cortec Corporation
  • Medtronic, Inc.
  • City of Saint Paul
  • Berc & Fox Ltd., CPA