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While we, the Friends of Saint Paul College, can tell you how much we believe in the work that Saint Paul College does daily for our students and our surrounding community, sometimes what students tell us about their experiences here are more eloquent than we could ever be.

We want to share with you words from Tola Oladipupo, who spoke of her experiences at Saint Paul College at our recent Scholarship Gala.

A student in the College's American Sign Language Studies program and a Saint Paul College scholarship recipient, Tola expressed what it has meant to her to be a student at Saint Paul College. Here is an excerpt of Tola’s powerful message:

“John Lee Clark, a celebrated Deaf-Blind author and Minnesota native once said, ‘No one can make anything so magical as growth happen in someone else. But one can provide all of what is needed for growth.’ I can testify to the fact that Saint Paul College is providing all that is necessary to see its students grow. When I say this, I am speaking of so much more than just academics. Though I am thankful for a rigorous and tailored academic program that is training me to be one of the best sign language interpreters out there, that is not what I am most thankful for. The aspect of this college that I am most thankful for, and that which receives my highest praise, is its personal investment into its student’s lives…into MY life."

Won’t you please donate now and invest in our students to help them reach their educational goals and student success?

The scholarship program secures funding to help lessen the burden for students who are struggling financially in their efforts to obtain a college education and to reward students who are excelling academically.

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