Outlook Live first-time sign-in Instructions
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Outlook Live first-time sign-in Instructions

To activate your Outlook Live e-mail, please read the following:
  • Before you can use your Outlook Live e-mail, you need to activate your account by providing some basic account information, such as a security question and your birth year.
  • To begin activating your account, log into your Outlook Live e-mail by going to our Sign In page.  Sign in using your full e-mail address (username@my.saintpaul.edu) in the “Windows Live ID” field and the password that you previously selected.
  • During this first logon you’ll be brought to a “Provide Account Information” page where you’ll have to verify your password again and select a security question to use.  You also have the option of providing an alternate e-mail address, but this is not required.
  • In the “Your information” section simply select your country, state and ZIP code, and then click submit.  Another page will come up and ask you to enter your birth year.  You must be 13 years of age or older to use Outlook Live.
  • If you agree to the Windows Live service agreement and the Privacy Statement, please click the “I accept” button to activate your account.
  • Finally, on the last page, select your preferred language (English is the default) and Time Zone (Saint Paul College is in the Central Time Zone – US & Canada), then click OK.
You will only have to go through the above activation steps once, the first time you log into your Outlook Live e-mail account.  Future logons will take you directly to your mailbox