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  • Triple your money! If you save $1, we will match it with $3
  • We’ll provide you with financial literacy courses, individualized career counseling, and work experiences
  • TuitionMatch-MN will keep you on track so you can graduate with minimal debt and fully prepared to enter the workforce

Eligibility requirements:

  • Currently enrolled at Saint Paul College and have at least 3 semesters left
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Resident of MN
  • Must be a United States Citizen, an eligible non-citizen or a DACA student
  • Current household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Income Guideline (see chart below)

2014 TuitionMatch-MN Income Guideline

Number of
Household Members

Annual Income
1 ​$23,340
2 $31,460
3 $39,580
4 $47,700
5 $55,820
6 $63,940
7 $72,060
8 $80,180

For households with more than 8 people, add $8,120 for each additional person.

Triple your money! Save $1 and we will match it with $3

If you would like more information on TuitionMatch-MN, email Tou Vong Khang or call 651.403.4383.