Research Paper Tutorial
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Research Paper Tutorial

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Writing a research paper can be a fun and interesting project...IF you know the right way to do it. That’s where our new Research Paper Tutorial can help. ​Our Tutorial will help you to understand why you need to cite and how you should cite. It will also explain how to correctly quote, paraphrase and summarize a research source, as well as how to avoid plagiarism and put a strong research paper together.

The Tutorial can be reviewed as often as you’d like. There’s also an interactive quiz at the end of the tutorial that will allow you to check how well you understand the concepts presented.

This Research Paper Tutorial will guide you through all of the following important elements:

  • Why we need to cite
  • Citations and sources
  • Finding sources
  • Quotations, paraphrases and summaries
  • Plagiarism
  • Putting a research paper together
  • What a research paper should do

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Review Research Tutorial Concepts

To make the main concepts of the Research Paper Tutorial easily available to you, below are the various sections of the Research Paper Tutorial in PDF format:

 Why we need to cite   Plagiarism
 Citations and sources  Putting a research paper together
 Finding sources  What a research paper should do
 Quotations, paraphrases and summaries  

For more information on citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, and writing a strong research paper, please visit the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.