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OrgSync Support

Student Life
Room: #1265
Email: Email Student Life
Phone: 651.846.1659

OrgSync, Inc.
Phone: 972.907.0900, Option 2

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is a web-based platform that allows you to connect with several organizations, departments, and students on campus! You can join a Student Association’s OrgSync portal and learn all about their activities, communicate with members or sign up to attend campus events. OrgSync has discussion forums, photo sharing, messaging, calendars, and an e-portfolio tool that showcases your work and involvement! OrgSync makes your college experience a little easier by putting all of these fancy features in one easy-to-access place!

How is OrgSync helpful for Student Associations?

  • Increase membership and connect with students you don’t see on a daily basis
  • Maintain an accurate and detailed membership roster
  • Store files and documents electronically with unlimited file storage
  • Communicate with your members through internal messages, emails, news posts and texting
  • Create events that will track your RSVP’s and advertise your events to the larger campus community
  • Push critical information from your OrgSync page out to facebook
  • Get rid of all that paper and create electronic forms
  • Hold your annual officer elections in the fall or spring
  • Create an easy to use website that transfers content from your OrgSync portal to your website

How does OrgSync benefit me as a student?

Connect with various Student Associations and Departments!
Search OrgSync using key words or explore specific categories. Keep up-to-date with events and information from Student Life, Tutoring Services, or the Career Center. All students, faculty, and staff are automatically members of Student Life, Student Senate, Tutoring Services, and Career Services.

Stay Connected on Campus!
Someone is always planning something fun for you to do on campus! Student organizations and campus departments offer a wide range of events and OrgSync will help you find them! Just check the community calendar on OrgSync. 

Track your Involvement!
For every organization that you’ve joined, officer position that you’ve held, events that you’ve attended or hours spent volunteering, OrgSync can track all of it for you in a co-curricular transcript. These are extremely helpful when reflecting on your out-of-classroom learning and preparing for employment after Saint Paul College.

Build an e-portfolio!
How can you package all of your academic, involvement and work experience together? Through OrgSync’s e-portfolio! It allows you to upload your resume, add reflections or learning outcomes from past involvement experiences and request references. It stays with you for life. So even after you graduate, you can update and make changes to it!

How do I login?

OrgSync uses your Saint Paul College email username and password to confirm access to our community’s online portal. There are multiple ways to login to Saint Paul College’s OrgSync Community Home:

  1. Click the OrgSync Login button on upper right side of this page.
  2. Click the OrgSync Arrow icon located on the bottom of each Saint Paul College Web page – right next to the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons.
  3. Go to
    1. Select Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page
    2. Select Saint Paul College from the drop down menu of schools
    3. Click the green button that says Sign in with your Campus ID

Creating your account

Download this helpful “How to” guide which provides step by step instructions along with screenshots of the process.

How to create your account

To finalize your account you must confirm you are affiliated with Saint Paul College by entering your Tech ID (the 8 digit number) that is assigned to you by the College. If you do not know your Tech ID number, you may contact the Technology Center:

Helpdesk Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 6:30pm
Location: Room 1470
Phone: 651.846.1440
Email: IT Helpdesk

After your account is confirmed, you can update your profile with pictures, contact information and other personal information. Adjust the privacy settings on your profile if you wish to keep certain information private.