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How to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Apply for admission to Saint Paul College.
    Students must declare a major and be enrolled in programs leading towards a degree, diploma or eligible certificates to be qualified for financial aid. Awards vary based on enrollment level (full-time or part-time). Financial aid will be based on the number of enrolled credits by the drop/add deadline.
  2. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    We recommend applying electronically through the U.S. Department of Education's Web site at Enter the Saint Paul College school code, 005533 so the Financial Aid Office will receive an electronic copy of the results. A Student Aid Report (SAR) should arrive in 2 weeks if the FAFSA is completed online, or 4 weeks if mailed.
  3. Prior College Experience
    If other post-secondary schools have been attended prior to attending Saint Paul College, request an official academic transcript be sent to the Student Records Office for credit evaluation. A credit/unit count of all previous college enrollment is a requirement to determine Minnesota State Grant eligibility.
  4. Review of Student Aid Report (SAR)
    Once the Financial Aid Office receives the SAR electronically from the Student Federal Aid Program, the student's application will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. It is important that any requests for additional information be responded to immediately.
  5. Financial Aid Award Letter
    When the file is complete, financial aid eligibility will be calculated and an Award Letter explaining financial aid will be accessible at the College's Web site at the Student's eServices account. Carefully read the Award Letter that provides information regarding financial aid eligibility. The award letter explains procedures for receiving financial aid and/or applying for certain financial programs, such as student loans, child care grants and work-study employment on campus. For more information, call 651.846.1386 or visit the Financial Aid Office.

Spring Transfer Students

If you received financial aid during the Fall Semester and are transferring to Saint Paul College for the Spring Semester, you must cancel all Spring disbursements of financial aid at your previous school. It will delay your access to student loans and grants if you fail cancel your financial aid.

Students Selected for Financial Aid Verification

Saint Paul College verifies FAFSA data information of students selected by the Federal Government or selected by Saint Paul College. Students selected for Verification will be notified my mail of the required documentation to complete the verification process. All students selected for verification are required to complete a Verification Worksheet and appropriate income information.

Students should submit all required documentation within 45 days of the date of the letter’s request. The financial aid process will not continue until the required documentation is received. Not submitting the requested documentation within 45 days without explanation may result in loss of eligibility for the current academic year.

Once all required documentation has been received, students should allow a minimum of 14 business days for the verification process to be completed. If the FAFSA data is correct, the Financial Aid process will continue toward a complete and accurate file at which time the student Award Letter can be viewed on-line at under the student’s eServices account. Any FAFSA discrepancies found as a result of the verification process will be corrected by the Financial Aid Office and electronically submitted to the central processor. Upon receiving a corrected FAFSA report from the central processor, a Revised Award Letter will be available to the student.

Any cases of suspected fraud of misreported information or altered documentation to fraudulently obtain federal funds will be discussed with Saint Paul College administration and referred to the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Education via Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.