Honors Program
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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Saint Paul College offers enhanced learning opportunities and activities to students who demonstrate academic excellence and a high level of interest and initiative.

Honors Program Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll in honors sections, students must show a demonstrated pattern of academic excellence through one of the following:

  • completion of at least 12 college-level credits with a Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher
  • entering high school students with a Grade Point Average of 3.75 or higher and a minimum Accuplacer Reading score of 78

Benefits of Taking Honors Courses

  • Increased opportunities for intellectual challenge and growth
  • Opportunity to work with other highly motivated students in small classroom settings (honors sections have smaller class sizes).
  • Designation of “honors” after each honors section on college transcript indicates academic rigor to potential employers, transfer institutions, and/or scholarship committees

Honors sections for the following courses are available for Spring Semester 2015

BIOL 1725 Environmental Science - Honors (Course ID 000662)
This course covers basic scientific and ecological principles, including an understanding of how the earth functions, how humans are affecting the earth, and proposed solutions to many of the environmental problems we face. Specific topics include: ecology, human population growth, biotechnology, pollution, human impacts on climate, energy resources, and waste management. Students will be required to take positions on environmental issues and alternative future scenarios. In-class activities will include group discussions and video and the use of internet-based resources. Two hours of lab per weeks are required and include group experiments, computer simulations, outdoor lab activities, and field trips. (MnTC: Goals 3 & 10)

HUMA 1730 The Modern World – Honors (Course ID 000638)
This course introduces students to the global humanities and shows the relationship between the culture of the past and life in the present. The course includes an examination of written works, art, architecture and music from the Modern World (roughly the 16th Century to the Present). Texts, materials and interdisciplinary assignments will examine the arts and ideas of the West in relation to those of other world cultures, including India, East Asia, Africa and Native America. (MnTC: Goals 6 & 8)

PSYC 1720 Psychology Throughout the Lifespan – Honors (Course ID 000331)
The focus of this course is on human development throughout the lifespan. The course includes research methodology, theoretical perspectives and the physical, cognitive and psychological changes that influence people throughout their development. An application of research and theory to current issues will be addressed. (MnTC: Goals 5 & 9)

To register for Honors sections, students must contact Enrollment Services at 651.846.1600 or registration@saintpaul.edu

Future Honors Course Offerings

Fall Semester 2015
ENGL 1712 Composition 2 – Honors
MATH 1730 College Algebra – Honors
HIST 1746 History of US Since 1865 – Honors

Spring Semester 2016
BIOL 1740 General Biology 1 – Honors
SPCH 1710 Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Honors
ARTS 1710 Fundamentals of Photography 1 – Honors