Application for Graduation
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Application for Graduation

All students must apply for graduation, regardless of whether they plan to participate in the graduation ceremony. Submitting an application for graduation initiates the official review of your records, notation of your graduation to your transcripts, and ordering of your degree, diploma, and/or certificate.

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates a response is required.

Award Details

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Your graduation award will be issued with your name as it currently is listed in your eServices account.

If your name has legally changed and differs from your eServices account, submit a Change of Name Request Form at the Student Records Office. You will need to provide 1) driver’s license or state identification card, 2) marriage license, divorce decree or court order and 3) financial aid recipient’s Social Security Card with new name.

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If this is a permanent address change, please go to eServices to update your address.

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Graduation Ceremony

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Statement of Understanding

Each year one formal graduation ceremony is held at the end of Spring Semester (attendance is optional). However, in order to receive the award, all students must complete a Request for Graduation Award form and submit the form during the last semester in which they are successfully completing the program requirements.

I understand the award may be delayed until all matters relating to outstanding tuition, financial aid obligations, library books, or any other school indebtedness have been resolved.

I have read and understand the information above.

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Student Loans at Saint Paul College

Did you take out Federal Student Loans during your time at Saint Paul College? *
If you answer yes, you will need to complete Exit Loan Counseling before you are allowed to graduate. Click here to complete Exit Loan Counseling.