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General Student Policies


Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes the first week of the session. Non-attendance during the first five business days of the term may result in being assigned a grade of FN (Failure for Non-attendance). In case of absence, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the faculty member. Students registered for online or PLATO classes must log into the course by the fifth day of the term.

A student’s course grade cannot be determined directly by attendance. However, attendance may be considered in the evaluation of performance only as it is identified in the course content goals/performance objectives. When required by the relevant certification body, attendance will be reported. Absenteeism may affect a student’s grade because of missed instruction. Course material and/or tests missed as a result of the student’s absence may be made up at the discretion of the instructor. However, the instructor is under no obligation to allow work and/or tests missed as a result of a student’s absence to be made up.

Children in the Classroom

Children of staff or students as well as other persons not enrolled in courses at Saint Paul College are not permitted in the classrooms, labs, or shops without special permission from the Administrative Office.


You are responsible for dressing in a manner that will not disrupt your education or the education, health, and safety of others. In some programs, you may be required to wear a special uniform. If you are studying in an area where there is a chance of accidental injury, such as shops and laboratories, you may be required to wear safety glasses, helmets, or other protective clothing. A good guideline to follow is to dress as you would for your future place of employment. In some programs, specific dress codes may be included in the program handbook.

Field Trips/Industry Visitation

Field trips and visits to industry are considered an extension of the instructional setting. On such trips, you are subject to follow all College policies.

Military Leave

If you are a member of the military reserves and must miss classes to fulfill your military obligations, you must inform your instructors, your faculty advisor and the Registrar. Permission to miss classes, however, does not exempt you from completing all requirements of your courses.

Religious Observances

Saint Paul College fully supports the principles of free expression and respect for the diversity of beliefs, including religious observances, among our academic community. It is the policy of the College to provide reasonable academic accommodations for students when sincerely held religious beliefs conflict with classroom activities or course requirements that were not disclosed in the course description. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor in a timely fashion of such possible conflicts. If a mutually agreed upon academic accommodation is not possible, the student may initiate an appeal.


All solicitation on the campus of the Saint Paul College is governed by a policy set by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Individuals of any commercial product, business enterprise, Not for Profit, political, or religious organization must have prior written approval from the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Solicitation by organized Saint Paul College student groups requires advanced approval of the Director of Student Life.

Student Calls & Messages

Staff will not send visitors to classrooms. It is up to you to inform family or friends of your classrooms if you wish. Saint Paul College will attempt to deliver messages only in case of extreme emergency as allowed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).