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​​​​​​​​AmeriCorpVISTA LGBTQ+

The AmeriCorpVISTA LGBTQ+ project at Saint Paul College is a program that specifically addresses the opportunity gap for low-income LGBTQ+ students by assessing their needs, identifying barriers to their success and providing them with resources and support services on-campus and connecting them to community organizations.

Christina Layer currently serves as the AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer at Saint Paul College. She received her Associate in Arts degree from Saint Paul College in 2016. While a student at the College she worked in the Student Life Office and served as the president of the PRISM Campus Alliance, the school’s club for LGBTQ+ students and allies. Christina is driven in her work by being part of the LGBT community herself, and by her passion for helping individuals who are underrepresented or need help finding their voice.

Below are list​s of safe resources and organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community:​



General Resources
American Medical Student Association

AMSA provides various forms of support for LGBTQ+ students studying medicine, including campaigns for AIDS awareness and universal health care.

Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)

AVEN provides support and education for individuals who identify as asexual. Some services they offer are Surveys, Online Magazine, Education, Videos

Avenues for Youth

Avenues for Youth provides shelter and transitional housing for youth ages 16-21: 3 meals a day, bedroom, bathroom, bus passes, 24 hour support, access to computers and phones, case manager guidance, help in pursuing education, health and wellness supports, assistance with housing search, family counseling, life skills couching.

Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP)

BOP’s mission is to build, serve and advocate for and empowered bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, and unlabeled (bi+) community to promote social justice. This includes some of the following: Conferences, community discussions, Trainings and social groups.

The Bridge for Youth

The Bridge is a safe and welcoming place for youth ages 10-17 in the Twin Cities providing services at no charge, 24/7/365. Some services include 24-hour hotline, Crisis shelter and counseling, Youth, parent, and family counseling, Transitional programs ongoing support services, Group Connections, Teen health programs, Need immediate help?  Txt (612)400-SAFE or call 612.377.8800.

Clare Housing

Clare housing provides affordable housing options for those living with HIV/AIDS; Types of housing include: community based care homes, supportive housing, and scattered site affordable housing program.

The Center

The Center works to speak to schools, businesses and professional organizations on LGBT related issues, offer a welcoming space for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification, provide support groups, organize LGBT friendly social events, and advocate for LGBT friendly legislation.


Face2Face offers a LGBTQ Support Group,  A medical Clinic, confidential healthcare, family planning program, pregnancy programs, mental health counseling, health education, street outreach, and Free STI/STD testing.

GLBT National Help Center

The GLBT National Help Center provides, vital peer-support, community connections and resource information to people with questions regarding sexual orientation and/or gender identity two national hotlines, the GLBT National Hotline and the GLBT National Youth Talk line, as well as a private, volunteer one-to-one online chat, that helps both youth and adults with coming-out issues, safer-sex information, school bullying, family concerns, relationship problems and a lot more. We also maintain the largest collection of resources for the GLBT community in the United States, with 15,000 local resources for cities and towns across the country.


GLSEN conducts extensive and original research to inform evidence-based solutions for K-12 education, provide resources for educators to use throughout their school community, and work with decision makers to empower students to affect change by supporting student-led efforts to positively impact their own schools and local communities; Every day GLSEN works to ensure that LGBT students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.

GLBT Task Force

The GLBT Task Force works to provide assistance to GLBT individuals across every aspect of their lives, and includes imperatives related to Aging, the Anti-Gay Industry, the Bisexual Community, Campuses, Community Allies, Community Resources, Education, Elections, Government & Politics, Events, Faith, Hate Crimes, Health & HIV/AIDS, Immigration, Marriage/Partner Recognition, Nondiscrimination, Racial & Economic Justice, Transgender, Violence Against LGBTQ, and Youth.

Get Equal

Get Equal works to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community and our allies to take bold action to demand full legal and social equality. The organization’s areas of focus include prisons, immigration, religious discrimination & reproductive justice, and the criminalization of LGBTQ individuals.


Headway provides comprehensive mental health therapy, counseling and classes focused on LGBT people and families.

Health Interventions for Men (HIM)

HIM provides a space in which gay and bisexual men can get tested for STI or STD, HIV, and AIDS as well as get Free condoms and lube.

Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF)

Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) is a Native American provider of HIV education and direct services to the Native community in Minnesota. Some of their central programs include Asemaa: (Tobacco Programs), HIV: programs, housing, youth Education through theatre, Giikinoo-amaage-gidiwin Gitigaan: “The Teaching Garden”, Nibi-Water Walk To, Barter and Trade, and Training and Education.

Minnesota Aids Project

The Minnesota Aids Project fights to stop HIV through prevention, advocacy, awareness and services related to counseling, case management, chemical dependency, financial assistance, HIV services socator, HIV support groups, housing, legal, MNSure, positive link, quick connect, social security disability, and transportation.

Minnesota Transgender Health

Minnesota Transgender Health works to improve health care access and the quality of health care received by trans and gender non-conforming people. It is a network of trans-friendly, trans-competent health care providers, using a combination of networking, assessment and training. Actions include developing assessment tools for clinics and providers, providing trans-related training to clinics and providers, and encouraging awareness and self-advocacy in transgender health care consumers through outreach and education.

Minnesota Two Spirited Society

The Minnesota Two Spirited Society works to promote cultural awareness of two spirit people in Minnesota and surrounding communities based on a foundation of intertribal traditions and values. The organization seeks to accomplish that task by working through blogs, booklists, collections, film lists, historical Two Spirit history, tribal marriage equality, and two spirit people traditional names (in indigenous languages).


MnQYouth offers support, referrals, resources, training and connections about and for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally) youth who are experiencing or have experienced abuse or mistreatment and for their families, caregivers, professionals and others who care about them.

National Center for Transgender Equality

"National Center for Transgender Equality provides education about and for Trans people and non-Binary individuals, providing services around issues of  aging, anti-violence, employment, families, health & HIV, housing & homelessness, identity documents & privacy, immigration, international, military & veterans, national transgender discrimination survey, non-discrimination laws, police, jails & prisons, racial & economic justice, research & data needs, travel, voting rights, and youth & students. They also include a know your rights section with information on airport security, employment, healthcare, housing and homeless shelters, immigration documents, medicare, military records, passports, public accommodations, schools, social security, and survivors of violence.

Open Arms

Open Arms of Minnesota cooks and delivers free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening and chronic illness in the Twin Cities. Open Arms delivers meals to those living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), as well as their caregivers and dependents.

Out Front Minnesota

Out Front Minnesota serves Minnesota's LGBTQ and allied communities with a wide variety of programs and services. Out Front Minnesota provides programs and services in the areas of organizing, public policy, anti-violence, legal, education/training. A more extensive list of resources is available at their site.

Pandoras Project

Pandora's Project provides information, facilitates peer support and offers assistance to male and female survivors of sexual violence and their friends and family. The organization runs a message board and chat room, free lending library with numerous articles and resources, online support group, in addition to providing support for issues common in healing after rape, sexual assault, & sexual abuse, including: flashbacks, depression, and PTSD; self-injury and self-harm; eating disorders; relationships, sex & intimacy; spirituality; pregnancy & parenting; and legal concerns.


PFLAG offers support and resources for LGBTQ individuals, their families and allies through hotlines and various other campaigns.

Quatrafoil Library

Quatrafoil Library is a LGBT Library that has books and movies about LGBT history and related topics. They also have an online resource guide with full articles of interest.


RECLAIM offers queer and trans youth family therapy, a gender exploration group, practitioner development, training programs, and various forms of consultation.

Rainbow Health Initiative

Rainbow Health Initiative is a community-based non-profit organization committed to advancing the health and wellness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities through research, education and advocacy. They promote essential resources to improve community health, expanding access to and availability of culturally competent care, improving the health of LGBTQ communities, ensuring that LGBTQ health is part of the public dialog, proud recovery, equity in action, shift MN, and other Trainings.

Shades of Yellow (SOY)

Shades of Yellow (SOY) cultivates a community of empowered Hmong LGBTQ and allies to challenge what we've known and ignite positive cultural and social change. This is done through various events, including SOY New Year, a storytelling project, Queering It Up, and Building our Narrative.

Straight for Equity

Straight for Equality provides information and resources that will help straight allies understand their role in supporting and advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Safe Zone

Safe Zone runs a drop-in center for youth ages 14–20, offering services such as case management, a clothing closet, a computer lab/ resource room, a food shelf, meals, GED teachers, an independent living skills program, a medical clinic, a mental health case manager, resources for sexual health education, shower and laundry services, and a street outreach program.

Sexual Violence Center

The Sexual Violence Center offer services including: a 24-hour crisis support telephone line; individual, in-person counseling Support groups; crisis support in hospitals; and legal support with the ultimate goal of breaking the silence surrounding sexual violence.

Trans Awareness Project

TAP uses social media and posters to educate people about trans issues and improve the overall lives of trans identified individuals.

Trans Youth Family Allies

TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators, service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. Some of their resources include educational programs, brochures, a mailing list, forums, a speaker’s bureau, and the Ian Benson project.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

WPATH promotes evidence based care, research, advocacy, public policy, and respect in transgender health. The organization offers education and resources for trans people as well as a route for those who want to work on changing policy or advocating for trans health.


Hobbies and/or Social Groups
Calliope Women’s Chorus

Calliope members are lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual. We welcome women to join us in singing with excellence and pride. Our concert themes and programming promote social change through increasing awareness about the subject of each concert and keeping hope alive for the people who work for change.

Minnesota Freedom Band

The Minnesota Freedom band grew out of a grass roots community effort by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied (GLBTA) individuals who wanted to create a stronger sense of community through the sharing of music.  We work for social justice and human rights by providing a positive, community building experience for our LGBTA members and by engaging the larger community through concerts and other outreach efforts.

Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

The Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra seeks to provide diverse arts entertainment of the highest quality, resulting in increased visibility for the musical talents of the GLBT community.

One Voice

One Voice Mixed Chorus is Minnesota's own - and North America's largest - LGBT and straight ally’s community chorus. We're building community and creating social change by raising our voices in song!

Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

We live these values when creating our art, building our community and advocating for justice and acceptance. We apply them generously to our audience, our sponsors, our community and each other.


LGBTQ+ Scholarships
PFLAG Scholarships

Scholarships ranging from 1,000 - 5,000 for LGBT Identified people and Allies. For Students Graduating High School and going to college.

LEAGUE Foundation LGBTQ Scholarships

The program is open to self-identified Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer graduating high school seniors meeting the prescribed criteria.

Gamma Mu Sch

Gamma Mu Sch offers scholarships upon financial need and the desire to pursue additional training through academic or vocational endeavors. The applicant must be a gay man (with the exception of the Folisi & Goodwin Scholarship In Memory of Ray Williams which will be awarded to an LGBT student) under 35 years of age, have completed high school (or GED) by June of the current year, and be a U.S. citizen. Preference is given to 1) students who are living in, have come from, or plan to attend school in a rural and/or underserved area; 2) students who have overcome issues of discrimination and/or marginalization within their community; 3) students who demonstrate leadership qualities and pursue goals to benefit the GLBT community; and 4) students who demonstrate a strong academic performance. All of these key factors are taken into consideration in evaluating scholarship applications.

Queer Foundation

The Queer Foundation Offers scholarships to successful gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who can be  awarded $1,000 scholarships to the U.S. College or university of their choice.

Point Foundation

Point Foundation considers many factors when assessing scholarship applicants, including: Must be out as a person who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community, a proven track record of leadership and community involvement, Strong academic achievement, working for the betterment of the LGBTQ community, and must have a Financial need


Religious LGBTQ+ Resources
Dignity Twin Cities (Christian group)

Dignity Twin Cities is a small Christian community that provides a spiritual base for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Catholics, their families and friends. We are also an activist organization that works to change the antiquated sexual theology of the Roman Catholic Church.

Reconciling Works (Lutheran Based)

Reconciling Works (Lutheran Based) is working at the intersection of oppressions, Reconciling Works embodies, inspires, advocates and organizes for the acceptance and full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities within the Lutheran communion and its ecumenical and global partners.

Affirmation (Mormons)

Offers LGBT identified Mormons with information on coming out, therapy, suicide prevention & awareness, homelessness, health, discipline and excommunication, books, films, plays, & television, resources for chapters, mixed orientation marriages, and a packet for church leaders.


Website only resources
Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

The Human Rights Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation together serve as America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve LGBTQ equality. These are some resources offered; On Our Own: A survival guide for independent LGBTQ youth, addressing anti-transgender violence:  exploring realities, challenges and solutions, bisexual FAQ, maps of state laws & policies, buyers guide, growing up LGBTQ in America, HIV & the LGBTQ community, faith positions, and coming out at work.


GLAAD rewrites the script for LGBT acceptance. As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change. They do this with some of these key things. 2016 election: A resource for voters and journalists on LGBT issues, publications, share your story, and a LGBT resource list

It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better Project Is an online resource that makes videos to combat suicide within the LGBT community, and show that there is hope, and to show it does get better.


FCKH8 is an online resource that makes videos and gear to combat hate and other issues around the LGBT community. The group’s productions are sometimes controversial due to their use of vulgarity, especially by young children.

The Trevor Project

As a leader and innovator in suicide prevention, The Trevor Project offers the largest safe social networking community for LGBTQ youth, including free and confidential phone, instant message and text messaging crisis intervention services, best practice suicide prevention educational trainings, resources for youth and adults, and advocacy initiatives, videos and social media messages.

Rainbow Brew

A gay owned and operated Online Coffee Source

Mathew Shepard

Mathew Shepard website is a Local, regional and national outreach, that empower individuals to find their voice to create change and challenge communities to identify and address hate that lives within their schools, neighborhoods and homes. Some services offered are,  Mathews place .com, Mathew Shepard is a friend of mine movie, speaking engagements, [Trifold] Matthew Shepard Foundation brochure, [Digital] Matthew Shepard Foundation brochure, [Educator’s Guide] commemorating the life of Matthew Shepard: supporting LGBT students, HRC 2014: A Guide to State-Level Advocacy Following Enactment of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, A Series on the Violence Against, Transgender Women of Color, Part One: A Horrifying Reality, Part Two: Losing her Twice: Trans Latina Marginalized, Even in Death, Part Three: Uplifting the Narrative: Murdered Trans Woman Lived to Inspire Others, Dennis Shepard’s Statement to the Court, 1999, Judy Shepard’s Victim Impact Statement.

Women’s Press Services

Women’s press is an online magazine for and by women that tells stories in ways that create community and encourage change.


Lavender is an online and in-print magazine and resource for a LGBT people published in the Twin Cities. As well as has Lavender Yellow Pages.

LGBT Therapists

LGBT Therapists is a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, and asexual affirming mental health and social service workers and their allies in Minnesota (MN).

Minnesota Asexuals

Minnesota Asexuals welcomes individuals who identify as asexual, on the asexual spectrum, as well as allies and those who are questioning. This group is set up so any member can organize and host events. This is a friendly, open-minded, accepting, diverse group where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

Trans Lifeline

Trans hotline for suicide prevention and overall mental health for trans people in crisis, it is staffed by trans people themselves. Education, advocacy, and direct service. We empower trans people to help one another, and to shape our collective efforts by drawing upon our wealth of individual experiences.

LGBTQ Student Resources and Report

Online Resources for LGBT Students from kindergarten through college.

Native Out

Online website for Native people who are part of the LGBT community.

Drug Rehab

An online resource for; addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues.

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