President's Advisory Council Member Biographies
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President's Advisory Council Member Biographies

Cecile Bedor

​Ms. Cecile Bedor
Term: Began: 2009 Ends: 2015

Executive Vice President, Greater MSP

Other Organization Affiliation:
Current co-chair of the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council, and serves on various boards including the Family Housing Fund and Hope Community.

Mr. David Berg

Mr. David Berg 
Term: Began: 2005 Ends: 2017

South St. Paul Steel Supply Co., Inc.

Ms. June Berkowitz
Term: Began: 2016 Ends: 2019

Owner, Nina's Coffee and Naked Nina's Nutrient Bar


The Honorable Daniel Bostrom 
Term: Began: 1990 Ends: 2017

Saint Paul City Council


Mr. John Brodrick 
Term: Began: 2006 Ends: 2015

Saint Paul Board of Education

Mr. Gregory Buck 
Term: Began: 2012 Ends: 2018

President, Productivity Incorporated

Other Organization Affiliation:
Member of AMTDA (American Machine Tool Distributors Association). Is currently serving on the Board of Regents at St. Olaf College.

Dan Cherryhomes

Mr. Dan Cherryhomes
Term: Began: 2014 Ends: 2017

Executive Director, MN Teamsters Service Bureau


Mr. Emmanuel Donaby
Term: Began: 2011 Ends: 2017

Program Manager (Middle School Program)
Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center
Science Museum of Minnesota


Ms. Lea Hargett
Term: Began: 2011 Ends: 2017

JOG Associates, LLC

Other Organization Affiliation:
President, Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce


Mr. Bernie Hesse
Term: Began: 2011Ends: 2017

Director of Special Projects
UFCW Local 789


Mr. Paul Huot
Term: Began: 2009 Ends: 2018

Huot Manufacturing

Other Organization Affiliation:
Current president of MPMA (Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association).  On the board of the Friends of the work force investment board for Ramsey County.

Nate Keith

Mr. Nate Keith
Term: Began: 2013 Ends: 2016

ISS CSIRT - incident Response Specialist
US Bank

Other Organization Affiliation:
Reserve Police Officer, Eden prairie Police Department


Mr. Joseph Kroeger
Term: Began: 2012 Ends: 2018

Senior Business Analyst, Health Information Management Services
Mayo Clinic

Other Organization Affiliation:
Adjunct Faculty, Saint Paul College

Theresa Malone

Ms. Theresa Malone
Term: Began: 2013 Ends: 2016

Associated Healthcare Credit Union

Other Organization Affiliation:
Asset Liability Committee Member
Minnesota Credit Union Network Awards Committee Member
Lake Owasso Garden Club Member and Finance Committee Member
Former Academy of Finance Advisory Board Member

Ms. Gaye Adams Massey
Term: Began: 2016 Ends: 2019

Chief Executive Officer, YWCA


The Honorable Rena Moran
Term: Began: 2013 Ends: 2016

Minnesota House of Representatives

Jean Ness

Ms. Jean Echternacht 
Term: Began: 2007 Ends: 2016

Research Associate
University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration

Other Organization Affiliation:
AHEAD (the Association of Higher Education and Disability); the National Indian Education Association (NIEA); the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

Ryan Oconnor

Mr. Ryan O'Connor
Term: Began: 2016 Ends: 2019

Deputy County Manager of Health and Wellness Service Team

John Peterson

Mr. Jon Peterson
Term: Began: 2016 Ends: 2019

Director, Office of College and Career Readiness (OCCR): Saint Paul Public Schools

mary rothchild

Ms. Mary T. Rothchild
Term: Began: 2016 Ends: 2019

Senior System Director, Workfoce Development
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Patrick Ryan

Mr. Patrick Ryan 
Term: Began: 2014 Ends: 2017

COO/CTO, Nanocopoeia, Inc.

Other Organization Affiliation:
Minnesota High Tech Association Board Member
Industrial advisory board University of Minnesota Department of Electrical and Computer Enginnering
Technology advisory board Dakota County Technical College
Technology advisory board University of Minnesota - Minnesota Nano Center
Technology advisory committee Saint Paul College

Edward Schones

Mr. Edward Schones 
Term: Began: 2011 Ends: 

Shared Governance Council Representative
Saint Paul College

Erica Schumacher

Ms. Erica Schumacher
Term: Began: 2012 Ends: 2018

Director of Neighborhood Initiatives
City of Saint Paul

Other Organization Affiliation:
Vice Chair, Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation

Danielle J. Taylor

Danielle J. Taylor
Term: Began: 2014 Ends: 2016

Chief Program Officer, YWCA of Saint Paul

Concordia University Alumni Association, Society for Human Resources Management, National Association for African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), Legislative Committee Member with Twin Cities Human Resources Association, Public Policy Committee Member with Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, and Ramsey County Workforce Investment Board Member.

George Watson

Mr. George Watson 
Term: Began: 2012 Ends: 2018 

Vice President of Organization Management and Sales
KTS Keystone Technical Services

Other Organization Affiliation:
KBEM Jazz Radio Board Member

Jazz Mobile Board Member

Former North Star Council Boy Scouts of America Board Member