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Saint Paul College Culinary Arts Students Cook Up a Victory

Saint Paul College Culinary Arts students earned a first place victory at the American Culinary Federation’s Taste of Art event on Sunday. The team, consisting of Manny Ojeda, Codi Schillings, Dustin Boisen, and Patrick Gonzalas, will be receiving scholarships for their efforts at the event.

The competition was a “black box” event that challenged students to prepare 300 appetizers in 90 minutes from the ingredients revealed at the event. These ingredients included, braised chicken meat, chicken stock, fire roasted red peppers, phyllo cups, cheese and fresh herbs. The Saint Paul College team’s culinary masterpiece created from these items scored the highest rating at the event. Judging was based on votes from guests at the fund raiser.

There was also a mozzarella pulling station at the event, assisted by Julie McDonald, Chong Vang, Francie Lee, and Justin Lapprich, who will also receive scholarships from the American Culinary Federation.

Congratulations to all of the future culinary masters that participated in the event!