The Academic Support Center: Removing roadblocks together
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The Academic Support Center: Removing roadblocks together

Giving support to students throughout their academic life at Saint Paul College is one of the most important things we do here on campus. Our Academic Support Center has this message for students: “You may run into assignments that cause you to sit in front of your computer, worksheet, or textbook in frustration. You may get overwhelmed and simply give up. Before that happens, consider packing up your things, wherever you are, and head to the Academic Support Center.”
The Academic Support Center provides a wide range of services including:
  • Free, walk-in peer tutoring
  • Online tutoring
  • Study tips and resources
  • Research paper tutorial
  • Online self-help learning resources.


The Academic Support Center is familiar to many students as the “tutoring room," and many students are taking advantage of the free tutoring services made available. In Fall Semester alone, the peer tutors held over 2,100 tutoring sessions! Tutoring is provided in over twenty subject areas, from accounting to writing for all subjects.
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Tutor Jonella Titus (right) helps student Janet Laude with American Sign Language, one of over twenty subjects offered in the Academic Support Center.
Tutoring sessions vary but are typically set up as thirty-minute, one-on-one sessions between a student and a trained peer tutor who can either help the student remove their learning roadblock or provide suggestions in order to improve their assignments. Whether struggling to understand algebraic functions or verb tenses, or researching a ten-page paper or navigating Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer, there is someone in the Academic Support Center ready and willing to make the learning process easier and guide students towards greater success.
First-year student Sinkyung Kang would eventually like to practice nursing, but her main goal is to learn English. Last semester, she went to the Academic Support Center seeking help with grammar, her first language being Korean. “[The tutors] try to think not only about the answer, [but get me to] try and think myself. They gave me the way of how to study, which was a lot of help. They gave me handouts too, and I used those to study on my own. It was very helpful, very comfortable,” she said. Like Sinkyung Kang with English, Janet Laude (pictured) has sought tutoring for another language: American Sign Language. Both students agree - learning another language can be a challenge, but meeting with someone who has a very strong understanding of it can provide a lot of good learning habits and study tips for students just starting out.
Stephan Klaas, Academic Support Center Coordinator, believes that it is a place for students to “master the material.” He notes that it is crucial for students to understand that they don’t have to be doing poorly in class to see a tutor. In fact, he feels it is better that students pay the Center a visit before that happens. He also adds, “We always want students who are frustrated to really believe that they can be successful in their class and that things aren’t as bad as they may fear. Then we give them the skills that will allow them to turn that belief into reality.”
The Academic Support Center is on the first floor in room 1205 next to the Bookstore. Students may drop in anytime from 10:00am to 6:30pm Monday through Thursday, and from 9:00am to 3:30pm on Fridays. To see when specific subjects are available, check the schedule outside the Academic Support Center or online at