President Emeritus Donovan Schwichtenberg honored by addition to history wall
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President Emeritus Donovan Schwichtenberg honored by addition to history wall

President Emeritus Donovan Schwichtenberg unveils his panel on the History Wall after President Rassoul Dastmozd, left, praised his predecessor’s leadership and accomplishments.
President Emeritus Donovan Schwichtenberg was honored by the Saint Paul College community and the College’s General Advisory committee members in a ceremony on Thursday, November 17, 2011, unveiling a new panel on the History Wall featuring Dr. Schwichtenberg’s accomplishments and leadership of the College. President Rassoul Dastmozd opened the ceremony outlining the significant role Dr. Schwichtenberg played in the College’s historical achievements.
President Dastmozd shared with everyone the warm welcome he received and the generous collaboration he experienced with Dr. Schwichtenberg in the transition of one president to the next, beginning with a personal phone call he received from the outgoing president.
“It was a warm day in late April 2011, in Vancouver, WA when I received a phone call from Dr. Donovan Schwichtenberg, President at Saint Paul College, congratulating me on being appointed as the next President of Saint Paul College,” Dastmozd began. “After a warm welcome and exchanging of cordial pleasantries, Donovan immediately went to work by suggesting that I travel to Saint Paul to start working on the transition and to get to know my team. Over the months of May and June, I travelled to Saint Paul College several times, where I met with community leaders, members of General Advisory Committee members, and Friends of Saint Paul College, to just name a few.”
“During the times of my visits, I felt and understood that I was dealing with a true, genuine, caring, compassionate, honest, honorable, forthright, and dedicated man. The type of leader, you read about in books. Above all, I discovered that I was dealing with a straight shooter as well,” Dastmozd continued. “Leadership attributes that describe Donovan have deeper meaning than words such as a man with Vision, Empathy, Integrity, Dedication, Magnanimity, Humility, Openness, Creativity, Fairness, Assertiveness, and a man with a great sense of humor. As our former Chancellor described Donovan, a true ‘President of Presidents’.”
Dastmozd concluded the unveiling ceremony with “I have been in education nearly three decades, and it is hard to find someone like Donovan, who gave of himself unselfishly, so our community can be a better place. Donovan proudly served Saint Paul Technical College between 1991 and 2011. During twenty years of his service, the College evolved into a comprehensive Community College, with tremendous growth of 75% between 2002 to the present and to being named the #1 College in the U.S. by the Washington Monthly. Please join me in recognition of President Emeritus, Donovan Schwichtenberg.”
Rassoul and Donovan - History Wall 2 
The history wall honors President Emeritus Schwichtenberg with the following words: “President Emeritus Donovan Schwichtenberg retires on June 30, 2011 after 21 years of service. Among many of his accomplishments, President Emeritus Schwichtenberg led the College’s transition to becoming a comprehensive community and technical college.”
The afternoon concluded with a short reception and a brief presentation by President Dastmozd to Dr. Schwichtenberg of a Centennial Flag and plaque and a framed “The Student Is…” poster.
Dr. Schwichtenberg spoke briefly, thanking President Dastmozd for his leadership and bringing the College into a new era, and also shared some of the highlights of his retirement so far. Adjusting to retirement still, he shared some humorous thoughts and also some of the promises he made to himself about the things he wanted to do and never before seemed to find the time. “I wanted to sit on a deck that I built 20 years ago. I wanted to ride one of my horses that I never had time to ride. And I wanted to travel to the Middle East.” He was happy to report that he had done all of things and more.
President Emeritus Schwichtenberg concluded with how often he thinks about the College, which has always been dear to his heart,. “I still think about the College as I go to sleep at night, and I think about the College when I wake up in morning. I imagine that will lessen over time, but I know I will always remember Saint Paul College and the people here.”