Creative Writing Club is a smash hit
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Creative Writing Club is a smash hit

With the many demands and stresses that face college students, it is often difficult to set aside time to rejuvenate. However, rejuvenation and the re-creative experience is vital to our happiness. A new club on campus is helping college students become invigorated through the creative process, specifically through the expression of the written word.
The Creative Writing Club started in late November 2010 and has really taken off. The idea for the Club was sparked by the Creative Writing class taught by English instructor and Creative Writing Club Advisor, Susan Taylor. Students enjoyed the class, yet were yearning to continue to be more artistic and free in their writing. They desired a different style of writing: their own.
The Club began with a small membership, but through promotion and word of mouth, new faces began to show up at the meetings. The Creative Writing Club has grown to about twenty members now, including two advisors and five officers.
The mission of the Club is to offer a place for students to come together, learn, and share their particular literary art. One member’s specialty is lyrics while another’s is historical work, and one member is working on a novel while maintaining a blog updated with humorous pieces. James Beadle, the Club’s vice president, wants people to know that “creative writing isn't just about poems; it's also about stories, songs, and theater.”
Club meetings are about sharing work and resources. Suzy Rogers, a local author and associate professor of business law at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, took time to visit the Club for one of their first meetings. She shared some of the things that help her write and also gave important advice on copywriting and publishing.
Most recently, the Creative Writing Club held its first event. Club members offered custom valentines in order to introduce themselves on campus as well as to fundraise. “Save a trip to Hallmark! Buy a custom card.” Each of the 150 cards sold were handmade containing a message inside written by one of the club members. This event exemplifies the club’s passion and enthusiasm and gives its members a channel for their creativity in their busy lives. Beadle adds, “In a hectic and structured school week, the club becomes the highlight of my week. I can finally relax and just be me.”
The Creative Writing Club posts some of its member's work at Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 3:30pm in room 3297. If you have questions, email Student Senate.