Student FAQs
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Student FAQs

How do I access my student e-mail?

From the Saint Paul College website, you can click on the “Check E-mail” icon located in the top right corner of each page. From here, you will select to “Login to Your Student Email”. At the login page, enter your StarID username and password.

What is my Saint Paul College e-mail address?

You can look up your Saint Paul College student email address using the “Email Address Lookup” tool located at the bottom of the “Check E-mail” page. Enter your StarID and select the “Lookup” button.

How do I forward my student e-mail to my phone or to another e-mail address?

You can redirect your student e-mail messages to another e-mail address or to your mobile phone. The Office 365 Help Site provides instructions and wizards on how to manage your student e-mail account.

Click here to visit the Office 365 Help Site.

To forward your e-mail to another account, select “E-Mail” then select “Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages”.

To setup email on your mobile device, use the "Mobile Phone Setup Wizard", select your device’s operating system, and choose to setup an Exchange account. Here are some additional details you may need if asked (depending on your device):

  • Domain/Username = (*if DOMAIN and USERNAME are separate fields, leave DOMAIN blank and enter the information in the USERNAME field)
  • Password = your StarID password
  • Server Name =*sometimes using works instead)

What is StarID?

StarID is the MnSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) universal login ID. You are assigned a StarID before you register for classes at Saint Paul College. This is a 2-letter, 4-number, 2-letter identifier (for example, ab1234cd). You will use this login to access all campus-related technology including your e-mail, D2L Brightspace, campus computers, campus wireless, Atomic Learning, GoPrint, eServices, SmartThinking, Orgsync and more. This login does not work for the CAPS jobs program.

How do I change my StarID password or manage my StarID account?

If you forget your password, want to change your password, or need to change contact information on your account, you can do so using the StarID Self Service website.

Click here to visit the website.

What is the difference between TechID (student ID number) and StarID?

Your Tech ID (also known as your student ID number) is your unique student identifier at Saint Paul College. This number is assigned to you when you apply to the College, and is a permanent part of your student record. You may be asked to supply this number when staff are attempting to look up your student record.

Your StarID is a universal login name. You will use this identifier to login to various campus technology systems. You only have to activate your StarID once. After activation, your StarID account will follow you to other campuses.

How do I access and use campus computers?

Saint Paul College offers student computer labs in both the main building and the College Learning Center (CLC), as well as computers in the Library, the first floor hallway by the bookstore, and in the Learning Commons. Computers in the hallway and Learning Commons do not have printing capability.

Click here to visit the Open Computer Lab page for additional information including locations and hours of operation.

You will use your StarID to login to campus computers. Computer Usage Polices must be followed when using campus technology. Additional information about StarID and Computer Usage Policies are located on this FAQ page.

How do I print on campus?

You may print using either the Library or Open Computer Lab printers. This can be done either by using the campus computers located in these spaces, or by using Mobile Printing available on your personal device. Please visit the Student Printing website for more information on student printing.

Click here to visit the Student Printing page.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Students may connect to the free student wireless network while on campus. Please visit the Student Wireless Access page for information on how to connect.

Click here to visit the Student Wireless Access page.

What are the campus technology usage policies?

Students must follow the Computer Usage Policy when using any Saint Paul College Campus Technology.

Click here to visit the Computer Usage Policy page.

Where can I store and access my files?

Students have two places to store and access files: OneDrive and H: (Home) Drive

OneDrive is a free file hosting (“cloud”) storage service. As a student at Saint Paul College, you receive 1 TB (terabyte) of free storage space. You can access your files from anywhere using a web browser and logging into your student e-mail account.

Click here for more information about OneDrive.

Students also receive a network drive (H: “home” drive) on the Campus network. This network drive can be used to store class work. This space is only accessible by logging into a campus computer. You cannot access these files from off campus.

What is D2L Brightspace, and how do I use it?

D2L Brightspace is the campus online learning tool. Some courses may be taught completely online using this tool. Other classes may provide some material online as well as in the classroom.

For more information about logging in and using D2L Brightspace, please visit the D2L Brightspace informational page.

For more information about online learning, please visit the Online Learning at Saint Paul College page.

How do I get a Saint Paul College photo ID?

All students and staff must have a Saint Paul College photo ID.

Click here to visit the Photo ID Information page.

What is eServices?

You will use eServices to register for classes, check your grades, obtain transcripts and financial award letters, update records, and more.

From the Saint Paul College website, select the “eServices” icon from the top right corner of the page. Login to eServices using your StarID. Additional instructions and information are available on the eServices Instructions website.

Click here to visit the eServices Instructions page.

What is Atomic Learning?

Atomic Learning is a free, 24x7 online training resource available to all current students. Learn more by visiting the Atomic Learning informational page.

Click here to visit the Atomic Learning page.

Where can I get additional help?

If you require additional assistance, please visit us in the Technology Center (room 1470), email the IT Help Desk, or call us at 651.846.1440.

Please visit the Information Technology (IT) Services website for answers to many questions and for our hours of operation.

You may also download the Student Technology FAQ. This is a PDF document that contains shortened versions of the information on this page

Click here to download the Student Technology FAQ.